SW Trails PDX

SW Trails is a community group which promotes walking and biking in southwest Portland, Oregon by:

  1. Leading regular monthly hikes
  2. Organizing volunteer work parties to build and maintain trails
  3. Developing new walking and biking opportunities (e.g. the 4-T trail, the Red Electric trail) by working with city, county and state planners.
  4. Advocating for walking/biking
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Loos needed for trails

Thanks to all of you who contacted Parks about the need to restore the Rieke Soccer Field, it is on the bond list. Now we have an opportunity to ask the Portland City Council to include two Portland Loos (combination bathroom and drinking fountain) along popular hiking trails:

1. A Loo at Council Crest Park, there is not one public bathroom between the Zoo and OHSU. I have been told by parents of small children the trip takes up to 6 hours. This is an important much needed amenity for this very popular trail.

2. A Loo available at all hours at the site of the Rieke Soccer field which , when renovated, will have almost constant daily use, especially if it has lights installed. The Loo will also serve the popular Hillsdale Farmers Market (now served with a honey bucket that is locked when the Farmers Market is not operating). It will also serve walkers using the Hillsdale to Lake Oswego Trail.

Contact the city council by letter, email or phone immediately.

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Hillsdale Farmers Market Oct 5

Oct 5th Sun 10 to 2 Hillsdale Farmers Market SWTrails will have a Booth at the Hillsdale Farmers Market 10 -2 volunteers needed to man the booth, the market sets up for us. This is the last event of the year as of now.

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Sunday Parkways Sept 28

Sep 28th Sun 10 to 2? Sunday Parkways SWTrails will have a Booth, we will need 8 people to share 1 hour or so shifts to man the booth. You can also volunteer for a shift on a street corner to direct traffic. Last years event was cancelled because of weather.

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Multnomah Days Parade Aug 16

Aug 16 Sat 9 to 4 Multnomah Days join us for a walk in the parade. We have a sign, we need one person to volunteer to get in line early so we are not in the bitter end of the parade like last year. I will bring our banner to carry a bit before the parade starts. We will be setting up our booth earlier before the parade starts. We need folks to help set up the booth, people to man the booth for an hour or two during the day, and folks to take down the booth.

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South Portland Health Fair

Aug 2nd Sat 12:30 to 4 South Portland Health Fair at Caruthers Park, 3508 SW Moody Ave
SWTrails volunteers will be manning a booth, we need 4 to 6 people to man the booth, put up the canopy (we will have canopy training at the picnic!), take down the canopy, tables etc.

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Booth at Metro Trails Fair

July 30th Wed 12:30 to 4pm, SWTrails booth at 600 NE Grand – annual Metro Trails Fair come see the information on a over 100 governmental organizations and trails groups presenting what they are working on. We need 4 or so volunteers to man our booth. We just need to put our materials on the table they provide. Plan to help out and take in this large trail oriented event.

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SURVEY work party July 19 Sat 9 to noon

July 19 Sat 9 to noon, SURVEY work party to develop plans for the 25th & Bertha safe route to school route. I will have the tools necessary to get the job done. The tasks will include driving stakes into dry sod and dirt, measuring short distances, labeling the stakes, working with a stadia (a pole with dimensions on it), recording the measurements. The data will be used to construct a contour map of the area to help determine how we should lay out the steps.

If we have enough helpers, we will also remove some ivy along the route, rake up and pile the little debris that is still on site, cut out some down tree parts etc.

Bring gloves, water, good shoes, and a can do attitude.

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Potluck Picnic July 22nd Pendleton Park

Potluck Picnic July 22nd Pendleton Park 6pm July 22nd Bring something to share, plate silverware and drink.

Pendleton Park is just west of Hayhurst School at SW 50th & SW Iowa, along the alignment for the Red Electric Trail. We will have little or no agenda.

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SW Trails walk August 9

Hans Steuch will lead the walk on Sat. Aug. 9. to Tryon Creek State Park and Lake Oswego. The walk will be about 5.4 miles with 500 ft. elev. gain. From Wilson High School we’ll car pool to Stephenson School to begin our walk. We’ll cross to Vacuna St., 27th Ave, Palatine St., 16th Dr,. Coronado St. to Tryon Creek State Park. Here we’ll follow Boones Ferry Horse Trail, then West Horse Loop, Cedar and Hemlock Trails to Englewood Horse Trail to Englewood Dr. where we return to Stephenson School via Oswego Towne Square.
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City aids volunteer efforts to clear trails.

Volunteer trail work parties have cleared brush and blackberries at two SW Portland locations.  Their work resulted in huge piles of brush.  At the urging of SW Trails, the city has cleared away both piles of brush. Continue reading

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