Work Party to finish Seymour Court Trail steps, Saturday, December 8

We are making the final push to completion on the Seymour Ct trail in the South Portland Neighborhood this coming Saturday Dec 8th, 9:30(ish). We have gravel and bark ordered in for 9AM and will need to move it quickly off the sidewalk. During this work party we will be moving gravel and bark onto the side of the trail and finishing the step pads using buckets. Tasks are spreading, tamping, scraping, hauling, shoveling, and detail work on the step pad surfaces. There is a task for every skill and strength level. Let Dave Manville know if you can attend: 503-753-8186 or

This work party does begin at the same time as our SW Trails Monthly Walk. If anyone on the walk wants to help out after, it is OK to come on over. Thank you!

Seymour Court 12.5.2018

seymour court

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