January 26 meeting minutes

SW Trails PDX

Meeting Minutes

January 26, 2012

Attendance: Don Baack, Sharon Fekety, Lee Buhler, Diane Mays, Chris Mays, Cole Trusty, Jessica Engelmann, Katureh Pennington, Michael Harrison, Doug Rogers.

Chair Don Baack called the meeting to order at:7:03

Jessica Engelmann from TriMet did a presentation on improving pedestrian access to transit stops. They have been working on the project for two years. She said pedestrian access was important as everyone who gets on a vehicle has to walk to the vehicle. She talked about what makes transit work. One of the most important is aspects is the pedestrian environment. There are about 7000 transit stops in TriMet. They used a mapping program to look at the stops and analyze them. They looked at ridership numbers for every stop. They looked at clusters of activity. They determined the factors that create pedestrian problems. She said looking at ramp deployment was important. They scored all the stops. They had 600 stops that scored high in need of improvement. They had 60 clusters of stops that needed improvement. They narrowed that down to ten spots that need and could support improvement. They developed maps to show current and potential pedestrian access. They use “on” counts for pedestrian estimates in the area. The stop at Division and 82nd has 18000 weekly boardings. She showed examples of pedestrian problems. She said legal crossings can be dangerous as well. The recommendations of the report include identify how important walking is, allocating funds to pedestrian improvements, concentrate improvements and invest money into long-term before and after evaluation. The website for the report is www.trimet.org/walk She said the boarding numbers are not online but she can get specific stops for people. Cole pointed out that the stop Ids are not displayed at all stops. Jessica agreed and said that is a problem. Don said the boarding at Sunset and Capitol is about 8000 per week. Don asked if the grant money has been spend and Jessica said it was. She said she would like to see a demonstration project soon with additional funding. Doug asked how complete the report we saw was. Jessica said there was a lot more detail that is on the website. Cole asked if she was going to other groups and Jessica she has but she has not gotten a request from a neighborhood outside of southwest Portland. They plan to do more promotion.

Don said he went to a hearing at City Hall about Safeway. They are requesting a zoning change as part of their remodel. The bicycling connectivity needs to be improved in the plan. Don and Keith Liden made several suggestions to improve the situation. Don is hopeful that there will be positive improvements.

Don gave an update on the Barbur Concepts Plan and SW Corridor Plan. There will be an open house for the SW Corridor Plan in Tigard on January 31st. The Barbur Concept plans is focused on land-use.

Don talked about the Red Electric Trail. Parks and Metro have been looking at right-of-way acquisition. The may purchase some Alpenrose property. There are several other parcels in the area that must be purchased. Doug said one partial needed was at a development that was planned. However, none of the houses have been constructed due to real estate conditions. Doug discussed the route around his house. He said that Cullen is a good route because it has minimal traffic. He said there is a portion on Cameron adjacent to a Baptist Church that needs a sidewalk. Katureh asked about the nursery next to Shaddock. Roger said the trail goes adjacent to that property. Don talked about the portion of the Red Electic going to Slavin Road.

Don said Peter DeCrescenzo has been working on the video for the Red Electric Trail. He is also doing a video for the centennial celebration for Terwilliger Blvd. Cole talked about the brochure. He displayed a prototype for the brochure. He asked people for feedback on the brochure. Cole and Don will do a walk on Monday to look at the route. Don said there will be another walk to bring city people up to speed on the project. Don passed out some other ideas for the brochure format. Doug said that the map should be clear enough so that people can see were the trail is in relation to their house. Michael said it was important to consider the distribution method. Don pointed out that the Red Electric is a large project and will take years. Don said it was important to use the brochure to bring awareness and funding to the project. Don said he hoped that Michael’s company could help with the map. Don said he is asking Parks and PBOT to help fund the maps. Diane suggested a more detailed map for the portion that is finished. Michael said it was important to inform people on the condition of each section. Michael said the City is deciding what functions the City would do and what functions would be contracted out. Don said the bid for the Iowa structure came in lower than the estimate. ODOT was willing to use some money on the trail. However, there were conflicts on maintenance. In the mean time, the money has been re-allocated. Doug asked about the condition of Slavin Road. Don said there is old pavement from the 1950s. Don said the bridges on Barbur will have to be re-done at some point but that could be some time in the future.

Don said they will start construction on the green street. He said they will build a sidewalk around a tree in Hillsdale.

Don said Tom Miller will establish an active transportation group in PBOT. However, this may depend on the budget. The will have to reduce their budget by $14 million. They will eliminate 60 positions. They are still planning to do the five sidewalk projects in southwest. Sharon said they are going to eliminate a lot of maintenance as well.

Don asked what the SW PDX website should look like. Don said we could get vendors could advertise on the site.

Don said the board of SW Trails had an organizational meeting last month. The minutes will be posted on the web. Don said he would talk to someone from Umpqua Bank to help set up the bank account.

People from the South Burlingame neighborhood had expressed interest in building a trail and we will contact them about that.

Don will lead the February walk. Phyllis is working on March.

Don said the Gibbs Pedestrian bridge should be done in April but Sharon should not schedule her walk until May to be sure.

Don said he and Brian Hat had done surveys for signage. Don said PBOT has assigned someone who does good work

Don said there will be a high crash meeting at Robert Gray on February 29th

Don said the Barbur at Whitaker crosswalk needs to be striped

Don said he has started talking to the ADA community about extended shoulders.

Don suggested a committee to work on the route for a hike on the Terwilliger Centennial event.

Don said Glenn is working on a membership form.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:54pm

Respectfully submitted,

Lee Buhler

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