SW Trails PDX
Annual Membership & Monthly General Meeting
December 14, 2012

The Watershed Building in Hillsdale
6388 SW Capitol Hwy
Portland OR 97239

Attendance: Don Baack, Lee Buhler, Sharon Fekety, Virginia Hendrikson, Cole Trusty, Dianne Mays, Chris Mays, Glenn Bridger, Michael Kisor, Dave Manville, Trudy Raz-Frengle, Joyce De Monnin, Robert Miller, Katureh Pennington, Barbara Bowers, Hans Steuch, Carl Fink, Laura Gleason, Paul Gleason

Don called the meeting to order at: 7:01

After introductions Don talked about Phyllis Towne who has cancer and encouraged people and their dogs to visit.

Woods Park Trails:

Dave Manville gave a PowerPoint presentation  and talked about proposed trails in Woods Park. He said that Woods Park is biologically dead and they would like to change that. Bob said they found a painter who spilled paint into ash creek and caused a lot of trouble. Dave displayed a map showing the location of Woods Park. Dave is the chair for the Ashcreek Neighborhood.  He pointed out some trails on the map that are not on the SW Portland Trails map. Dave showed his favorite walks in the Woods Creek park area. Dave said some neighbors in the area have encroached on public right-of-ways. Don suggested signs showing that those locations are trails. Dave said there has been a master plan for Wood Park that was developed about ten years ago. Parks has agreed that a plan update is warranted.  The trail system has been improved since 2000. However, there is more trail work that would help in several ways. It is part of the Fanno Creek watershed. They would like to enhance the natural area and improve connectivity at the same time. One of the problems is that people are using unapproved “demand” trails. If proper trails were built it would help to keep people on those trails and not the trails that harm natural area. They have some problems with off-leash dogs and youth drinking parties. The project would have to be approved by the Parks Director and they hope to get that soon and apply for permits. They also plan to apply for grant money.  They would like to start construction in July. Dave showed a map of the north side of the park including some land that was recently purchased. The map showed a proposed trail. They hope that if they put in one good trail it will keep people off the many demand trails that are doing damage to natural areas. Once section is steep and would require switchbacks. He showed a pictures of the crossing on 45th. It has adequate sight distance. Dave showed where they would really like to get the wetland restored. He showed a picture of a cedar grove that had a lot of demand trails. He pointed out a short trail from 47th to Woods Parkway that would improve access to the park. They would also like to fill the ditch on Brugger/48th to provide walking access to the park. Dave said it was important to install catchments for stream health. He asked for help from SW Trails in several ways such as supporting the plan, help on monthly trail work, fund raising, partnering on grants, grant writing, advocating for the park and just walking in the park. Dave showed a diagram of what has been done and what still needs to be done. They have raised $2000.  Don asked what the total budget would be. Dave said he was not sure but guessed about $40,000.  This includes permits, material and labor. Don asked if the trail work could be all-volunteer. Dave said they would like to use a combination of volunteers and paid workers. He said it might be important to have paid workers as the grants or Parks Department may require it. Don pointed out that SW Trail volunteers could get a trail done quickly. Glenn asked if the grants recognize in-kind contributions. He pointed out that the permitting process may require paid people.

Dave pointed out that it is very hard to walk on 45th, west of Woods  Park. Don pointed out that is marked as a street not to walk on on the SW Walking Map. .

Glenn said it is important to understand that trails and natural areas and properly constructed trails will preserve natural areas. It is important to educate people who are concerned about environmental issues

Coronado Trail in Arnold Creek:

Hans Steuch from the Arnold Creek talked about trails in his neighborhood. He displayed a map of the area. He said he likes to walk in the neighborhood a lot. He pointed out some nice trails in the neighborhood. He pointed out a section of right-of-way that would make a good trail. He said the members of the neighborhood association are also very supportive of a trail on the right-of-way. They have to make sure they do not encroach on private property. The right-of-way winds around and it is not clear where the property lines are. He showed an aerial photo of the site. He has also talked to property owners with some support and some resistance. Don suggested that neighbors post their property edges along the right-of-way. Glenn said  legal descriptions can give you an idea of the property lines but the best is to have a survey. Hans said they think a survey is the next task. Hans said he walked the route with a GPS. Hans said that a couple of property owners had their lots surveyed and put in fences. Hans said he was not sure if they put the fence on the property line or the center of the right-of-way. Glenn said he believed that the legal description is the property line.

Agenda: Lee made a motion to accept the agenda.  Cole seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.

Minutes: Glenn made a motion to accept the October 2012 and November 2012 minutes. Katureh seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.

Walks: Cole will lead January. It will be a new walk. Don suggested a hike for newcomers. Barbara said there are several such hikes put on by other organizations.  Laura said PBOT also has beginner hikes and Donna Green is the contact person. Trudy said Hillsdale Community Church also has such a hike.

Annual Membership Meeting:

Don said notice was given that this meeting was our annual membership meeting and we had to re-elect at least two board members.

Don named the members of the board: Don Baack, Glenn Bridger, Sharon Fekety, Chris Mays and Lee Buhler. Don said he would like to elect Keith Liden as well.

Don mad a motion that we re-elect the same board with the addition of  Keith Liden. Lee seconded the motion and the motion passed uanimously.

Lee made  a motion to keep the SW Trails PDX dues and sponsorship at the same price; $5.00 membership and $100 sponsorships. Katureh seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.

Don said our attorney said we are officially a 501c3 organization even though we have not heard from the IRS.

Don pointed out that the city is planning extended shoulders on such as Maplewood Road.  He pointed out some other areas that could use extended shoulders. He said that the federal government estimates that extended shoulers have 80% of the safety of a sidewalks at 1 to 5 percent cost.

Don pointed out that we completed the Red Electric Brochure thanks to Cole and Peter and Glenn are working on the video.  Glenn said they helped on a trail near Tunnelwood and helped with several other calls

Treasurer’s Report:

Chris said we have $1721 in the checking account. Chris said Don was reimbursed for $448 of expenses, but the total above does not reflect that charge. Chris said he set up a PayPal account and there is a donation button on the website for SW Trails PDX and a button for donations to the Red Electric Trail.

Glenn suggested a button on the website to register people who support the Red Electric Trail.  This will show the broad support for the trail.

Red Electric Video: Glenn said they have done almost all of the filming for the Red Electric Trail video.  They are now working on assembling it.  They will start out with the history of the Red Electric line. They will also have an interview with Congressman Bleumenhaur. They will have video of current conditions and other interviews. They will show the Hooley/Gibbs bridge. The will close it out with what a completed trail would look like. Don said we have to spend all of  the money from the grant by the end of the year. We will have five to ten thousand brochures.

Don said Metro projected in a draft report  that if there was a good safe family friendly bike route on Barbur there would be about as many people using it as go over the Hawthorne Bridge.

Don said they did a walk around at the Multnomah Presbyterian church. Don staked the route with someone with the church. The next step is to get the easement done which may take another year.

Don talked about the Barbur bridges. ODOT says they can squeeze another 2 feet of bike/ped space by decreasing the median strip. They will also raise the guardrail. They are asking for our suggestions on how to handle the extra 2 feet. Virginia said she rides over those bridges and it is not safe to ride on the sidewalk as it is so narrow and high off the ground. Chris also  said it is hard to ride up on the sidewalk. Virginia said the current sidewalk is wide enough for pedestrians.

Lee made the following motion: That SW Trail PDX requests that ODOT decrease the median strip, if it is not hazardous to do so and use the extra space on the outer lanes.  SW Trails PDX also support the raising of the guardrails next to the sidewalk.  Sharon seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously. Letter sent.

Don suggested putting the active transportation  as a second section of the Barbur Concepts plan. Laura pointed out that the north part of the Barbur Concepts plan includes Naitio. Dave made a motion requesting that the active transportation facilities be separated as a separate section of that document and summarized as a second section in both the Barbur Concepts Plan and Southwest Corridor plan. Glenn seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.

Glenn asked for a non-board member volunteer to help with financial over-site. Hans said he would be willing in March and Glenn said that would work well with him.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:05

Respectfully submitted,

Lee Buhler



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