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Monthly General Meeting Minutes

September 26, 2013

The Watershed Building in Hillsdale
6388 SW Capitol Hwy  
Portland OR 97239

DRAFT minutes

Attendance: Sharon Fekety, Virginia Hendrickson, Dave Manville, Joan Hamilton, Audrey Metcalf, Keturah Pennington, Michael Harrison, Doug Rogers, Barbara Bowers, Don Baack, Michael Kisor, Hans Steuch

The meeting was called to order 6:58 PM.

Don said Lee Buhler was prevented from taking minutes of the meeting. Hans volunteered to do so.

The agenda was approved with the following additions:

  • Don’s meeting with Amanda Fritz’ staff

  • Barbara Bowers – membership report

The August minutes were approved with the following changes:

  • In list of attendees change “Stench” to “Steuch”

Don introduced Art Pearce of PBOT who handed out and discussed the Draft of the City of Portland resolution to Metro; the draft resolution was distributed; it states what steps need to be taken to address needs in SW Portland in connection with moving forward with the SW Corridor Plan for Light Rail or Bus Rapid Transit from Tualatin to Portland City Center. This resolution will be discussed and voted on at a City council meeting October 9, 3:00 P.M.

The “whereas” portions of the resolution = steps already gone through = Metro’s language; “resolve” portions of resolution = new items from City.

There followed a discussion about the potential different rapid transit modes.

Michael Kisor asked to have bike/pedestrian inclusion in tunnel option for Light Rail or Bus Rapid Transit under OHSU considered.
Art would check on that.

Michael Harrison asked about safety.. Need to address getting folks safely to and from destinations by all modes.

Art said next year the Plan will be refined and, possibly, finalized.

Don talked about “SWIM”, SW In Motion . Eastside has good “East Portland in Motion” plan and as a result has gotten $30MM plus for improvements to arterial sidewalks and other transportation improvements.

Don introduced Tom Mills, TriMet planner, who presented the upcoming planning effort to revise TriMet bus routes and service; an important topic because such planning only happens once every 10 years. Tom provided a handout with maps and a chart that illustrates the slow, incremental, planning process.

Audrey mentioned the lack of bus connections between local centers like Hillsdale, Multnomah Village and Raleigh Hills. She suggested local circular bus routes could serve these.

Keturah talked about local SW centers that are underserved or not served at all and how to cover these better. Barbara agreed.

Michael Kisor said route 45 could be used to serve Hillsdale – Multnomah Village – Barbur Transit Center, rather than going downtown as there are others, like route 12, that does this.

Tom discussed smaller buses. Since the main cost is the driver, small buses only makes sense where normal size buses can’t fit/navigate – like Council Crest.

Don asked for consideration of:

  • Does the database used in planning pick up home-businesses?

  • Bus #44 is often full carrying Wilson HS students to and from classes; how about adding estra busses just at that time slot to pick up overflow? Tom said this matter is linked to high schoolers who want to arrive just before school starts and will not change their behavior

  • How about a pilot program allowing dogs with muzzels? Tom said it is difficult for bus operators to police; service animals allowed in accordance with federal ADA.

  • There’s considerable street surface damage done by load of bus axel loads ondowntown streets, especially at bus stops. How about lightening the axel load with extra axels and wheels?

  • How about a three hour transit time instead of the current two? Tom said this is being considered.

  • How about having buses run later than 9:30 PM? This is a serious problem for many who would use the bus but cannot get home.

Keturah asked why group tickets are not offered by TriMet.

Tom pointed out the new ticketing and fare options.

Sharon and Dave talked about next month’s hike posted under Coming Events on the SW Trails PDX website.

Sunday Parkways in Hillsdale was discussed by Sharon and Don. It is assumed it will be canceled due to poor weather. If not Don will alert participants in booth by email.

There will be a work party on the Raz – Baack Crossing the morning of October 12. The work will include improved anchoring of steps and removal of brush.

Dave mentioned there will a work party October 19, starting 9:00 AM, on the urban trail between 56th and 57th to clear brush, blackberry, widen path to 30 feet. SWTrails has offered to support their trail building effort with a financial contribution if needed. We also will try to obtain gravel.

Don talked about plantings for about 100 feet along Trail 3 at Wilson High School. He has secured $500 for new native plants. Don suggested he, his wife and George Penk , a Wilson HS teacher, develop a draft plan for the planting, then have a meeting to review it with interested folks. This will take a couple of months. There was no disagreement to this suggestion.

As to the 100 feet of missing extended shoulder on SW Capitol Hill Road near Safeway: Don reported the City and Safeway are in agreement about how to place an extended shoulder wide enough that a guard rail barrier will not be needed. Kurt Krueger/PBOT was helpful in this matter.

Naito Parkway Pedestrian Signal Status – Lee has been too busy to move this matter forward. Details in august meeting minutes.

Barbara reported there will be a meeting at the The Watershed Building on October 16 to discuss a membership brochure. Barbara has been in touch with Aimee Erickson who designed the RET brochure.

Don reported 260 individuals have signed a petition to develop Barbur Road Diet.

Red Electric Update Review of Draft of Letter all groups to sign. It will be presented at next months meeting.

Update on April Hill Park trail and boardwalk efforts

SW Maplewood Drive Press Conference Status – Baack

Dave talked about the Woods Memorial Park planning process, trail construction and Ashcreek NA/SWNI/City involvement in same. The planning committee now is on it’s fourth city planner…

Hans provided an update on SW Coronado right-of-way

8/21: Discussion with husband of owner of fence on 11660 SW Lancaster Rd., installed in early 2012, about encroachment of fence on right-of-way (ROW) was stopped by said husband.

Discovered another property owner (1231 SW Stephenson St.) working on a new fence adjoining the one installed last year.

8/29: Don indicated in email that SWTrails has requested city survey results from earlier this year from Greg Raisman. Not yet received.

9/9: Don, Sharon, Virginia, Hans walked the ROW. Observations made during walk resulted in a letter from SW Trails PDX to Christina Leon, PBOT, about fence encroachments upon ROW, and requesting the fences be moved to the property line 9/14: Monthly SW Trails PDX walk, 11 walkers in all, pass through the ROW from east to west. Found new 11”x17” signs posted at both ends. Signs are by “The Coronado Watershed Council” and reiterates the arguments of opponents to walking on the ROW made in a petition earlier this year. The arguments, as well as the use of the term “watershed council”, are subject to discussion.

Don reported that double striped pavement markings on the bicycle lanes, have been made on Beaverton Hillsdale Highway.

Barbara reported that we have several new members due to having a booth at Multnomah Days in Multnomah Village in August.

Two current members renewed their memberships and fourteen new people joined our organization. Thank you notes have been sent to all.

Barbara is in the process of formalizing how membership is handled and will inform when this is done.

Meeting was adjourned 9:00 PM

Respectfully submitted by Hans E. Steuch



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