Agenda for Thursday Feb 26, 2014 7pm @ Watershed In Hillsdale 6388 SW Capitol Hwy
Approval of Agenda
Presentation: BES Proposed work on SW Stevenson and SW Hamilton
Approval of Minutes for December 2014 and January 2015 meetings as posted on
Upcoming Walks Sharon Fekedy, Virginia Hendrickson
Treasurers Report Chris Mays
Membership Report Barbara Bowers
Grants Discussion Barbara Stedman
Committees for SWTrails Organization

Discussion of submitted SWTrails version of the draft Trails Policy and how to generate support letters. See Comments need to be in by Feb 27, Friday at 5pm. Send comments

Summary of Changes Proposed by SWTrails and our partners throughout the city:

  • It is simpler and easier to implement
  • It recognizes the importance of the change in state law regarding adjacent property owners responsibilities if certain steps are followed, a major shift in responsibility. This removes the historic need to give veto power to the adjacent property owners.
  • It treats the development of trails like other city initiated improvements such as sewers, water systems etc which we feel is appropriate given the rights given the public for access to rights of way. The earlier version treated the process for the improvement of trails like a request to install street furniture.
  • It recognizes the importance of providing additional pedestrian facilities for very low costs to the city of Portland and its citizens.
  • It provides that funding can be sought for building and or maintaining trails.
  • It clearly specifies the responsibility of the City of Portland to take action to remove encroachments and blocking vegetation from the rights of way when requested.
  • It focuses on the importance of developing community around the construction and maintenance of the trails.
  • It provides a clear appeals process for all concerned parties to be heard for trails permitting and encroachment issues.
  • Finally, it lays out the steps for implementing a trail project and for developing a trail network, all important to as yet unorganized trails support groups in the City of Portland.

Please send your supporting comments by Friday 5pm to

Discussion of TSP requests as explained in:

Added discussion of other projects:
SW Dosch, SW Hamilton, SW Talbot, SW Shattuck, SW Barbur Blvd,
SW Multnomah 1 and 2, Other SW Projects
Comments are due by March 9th. Address them to both addresses to be included in the official record. They are counting the numbers of letters of support for each project.;

1. Red Electric Bridge Hans and Doug
2. Barbur likely changes Don
3. Bridge over Tryon at Boones Ferry Road, Hans
4. SW 25th Safe Route to School & Permits, Don
5. Tunnelwood Drainage and trail, Don
6. SW 21st and SW 19th
7. Bridge over Burnside for Wildwood Trail Dave
8. Sunday Parkways
9. 4T Brochure progress
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