SW Trails monthly meeting – March 26 at 7pm

Agenda for THURSDAY March 26th 7pm Meeting

Watershed 6388 SW Capitol Hwy corner of Bertha Court

Approval of Agenda
Approval of Minutes for Feb 26 as posted on SWTrails.org
Upcoming Walks Sharon Fekedy, Virginia Hendrickson
Treasurers Report Chris Mays,

Upcoming days for operating the SWTrails Booth: Hillsdale Health Fair, CPAH health fair, South Portland Health Fair, Multnomah Days, Hillsdale Farmers Market, dates to be determined, Possible booth at opening of TriMet’s Tillicum bridge.

Membership Report Barbara Bowers
Reports on efforts to reach out to our SW Neighborhoods
SW Corridor Update Glenn & Don
SW 25th Safe Routes to School Project Discussion
Comprehensive Plan and TSP updates
A. Granting of encroachments permits as proposed by PBOT referred to Planing and Sustainability Committee for review. SWTrails is concerned the PBOT policy will lead to de facto vacation of unbuilt rights of way with no public review or input.
B. Meeting with Planning Dept Staff and PBOT Planning Staff
requested to address the meaning of the cryptic notes (prox page 155 or so) in the staff report from PBOT Planning staff to the P&SC which we do not understand and have not had an opportunity to discuss. See below for details of what has been proposed so far:

Work parties May 2nd continue to work on cleaning up the path on north side of Wilson 9 – 12 with a great BBQ lunch.


1. Red Electric Bridge
2. Bridge or Culvert (Storm Sewer) underpass of Boones Ferry Road.
3. Tunnelwood Drainage and trail
4. Completion of work on Greenway through Hillsdale.
5. Organizing to post monthly notices of progress on Red Electric in local businesses and distribution of Red Electric Brochures. Do we want to include a snippet of history in the announcements?
Other Business


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