SWTrails PDX Monthly meeting

Jan. 28, 2016

Watershed Bldg.
6388 SW Capitol Highway
Portland, OR 97239


Attendance: Don Baack, Sharon Fekety, Virginia Hendrickson, unreadable name, Keith Prior, Steve Keating, Luke Gilmer, Keturah Pennington, Barbara Bowers, Eric Brennecke (PBOT), Glenn Bridger, Patty Barker, Kyle Chisek (PBOT), Dave Manville, Peter DeCrescenzo, Jennifer Devlin (BES), Ramsey Weit, Doug Rogers, Dale Sherbourne (Arnold Creek), Michael Kisor (Ash Creek), Ryan Fedie (SWIRL), Barbara Stedman

The agenda was approved.

Kyle Chisek (PBOT) and Eric Breneke (PBOT) presented the preliminary design of the street and storm water changes being considered for SW 19th north of Taylors Ferry Rd. on the Hillsdale to Lake Oswego Trail (#6). They talked about changing the standards because you can walk in the street if low traffic and low speeds. They suggested 18 ft. pavement instead of 16 ft. Don said put in a cross walk. Steve Keating who is a traffic engineer said the proposed design would be very unsafe. Don and Glenn and others felt there should be a separate pathway and private drive and a crosswalk. They also sought to have the road grade significantly tilted as was done on SW Burlingame Terrace, slanted so water will drain to west side and no longer flow down the trail. They also want a marked crosswalk for this Safe Routes to School and Regional Pedestrian Trail. All agreed.

Jennifer Devlin and Eric Brenneke of BES gave an update on the SW 45th St. and Beaverton Hillsdale crossing. They are replacing a small culvert with a larger one because it flooded during the Dec. 7 storm. Glenn thanked BES for replacing it. Jennifer talked about a Citizen Initiated Trails project on unmaintained right of way in Albert Kelly Park. SWTrails could build it in 2017.

Bridge at Boones Ferry. Have an advisory committee. Could be built in summer 2017. Take a year to design.

Feb. 1-Open House for Red Electric Bridge-6-8 pm-Watershed Bldg.

St. John Fisher Church-project in talking stage to have a trail go through their property.

The minutes were accepted.

Dave Manville announced the monthly work party 9:00 am Feb. 4 on the Iowa St. trail. Susan Hansen of PBOT has been contacted re: the trail erosion which PBOT will address.

Barbara Bowers announced an increase in memberships and contributions.

Sharon Fekety announced that Pete Schmierback will lead the walk in February to Council Crest.

Greg Schifsky said that Trail #1 at Lee St. and 42nd St. has erosion that the neighbors can’t fix. Dave will look at it with Greg.

Peter DeCrescenzo wants to know what is happening about the bike trails in Gabriel Park. SWTrails supports making improvements.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:55pm



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