SWTrails PDX 2016 Annual General Membership Meeting

Jan. 28, 2016

Watershed Bldg.

6388 SW Capitol Highway

Portland, OR 97239


Attendance: Don Baack, Sharon Fekety, Virginia Hendrickson, unreadable name, Keith Prior, Steve Keating, Luke Gilmer, Keturah Pennington, Barbara Bowers, Eric Brennecke (PBOT), Glenn Bridger, Patty Barker, Kyle Chisek (PBOT), Dave Manville, Peter DeCrescenzo, Jennifer Devlin (BES), Ramsey Weit, Doug Rogers, Dale Sherbourne (Arnold Creek), Michael Kisor (Ash Creek), Ryan Fedie (SWIRL), Barbara Stedman

The following members were elected as board members:

SWTrails Annual Membership Meeting open by Don Baack, President.

The following board members up for election in 2016 were re-elected for two year terms by consensus:

Don Baack
Sharon Fekety
Dave Manville
Barbara Bowers

The following officers were elected by consensus:

President: Don Baack
Vice President: Glenn Bridger
Secretary:Lee Buhler
Treasurer: Chris Mays

The following budget was approved by consensus:


800.00   Membership
1,000.00   Contributions
1,500.00    Sponsorship
100.00    Patches
500.00     From Reserves
3,900.00    Total Income


60.00     PayPal Fees
10.00      State Taxes
50.00      Corporation Division
1,537.00     AMS Insurance
700.00     Great American Insurance
150.00     Websites
50.00     Mult Village Business Assn Membership
500.00     Volunteer Recognition
50.00     Misc Postage minor expense
500.00    Trail Tools and Construction
    293.00    Contingency Expenses
3,900.00     Total Expense

The dues will be kept at $10.00 for 2016.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:07pm



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June 8 – 2nd Saturday Hike

June 15 – 3rd Saturday Walk


Our Sponsors:

Don Baack

Jason Bergstrom

Chris and Dianne Mays

Don and Melinda McCoy

Cynthia Chilton and Ed Abrahamson

Ramsay Weit

Clay Funkhouser

Kenneth Brown

Jack Callahan

Virginia Hendrickson

Robin and Jay Wendlandt

Michael and Holly Kazarinoff

Scott and Aloha Wyse

Nancy Murray and Bob Wise

Douglas Duno

Deb Small

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