SW Trails PDX Monthly Meeting Minutes

September 22, 2016

Topics: 74th and Garden Home; SW in Motion; SW Corridor

The Watershed Building in Hillsdale
6388 SW Capitol Hwy
Portland OR 97239


Attendance: Don Baack, Virginia Hendrickson, Dave Manville, Laurie Marzeli, Sharon Fekety, Keturah Pennington, Doug Rogers, Lee Buhler, Barbara Stedman, Debbie Small, Dale Sherbourne, Michael Kisor

Don called to order at 7:00pm.

After Introductions Don talked about traffic calming on Burlingame Ave. He said the City of Seattle reduced speed to 20mpg on all neighborhood streets.

The agenda was approved with a discussion of a project at 74th and Garden Home.

Laurie drew a map of the project at 74th and Garden Home. The street, 74th is not a through street except for a path. A development is proposed adjacent to the trail. There is a proposal to make 74th a through street. Laurie said many neighbors are worried about making 74th a through street. It is a very narrow street and steep. They are very concerned about safety. It would have a blind area. The county said there was no proof that there would be safety problems. The Garden Home Neighborhood Coalition was formed due to this problem. They have filed an appeal to the County’s decision. They want to designate the gap as a pedestrian/bike only route. They have a petition on nextdoor.com. Don suggested a field trip to look at it and then have a special meeting.

SW in Motion: Don said they discussed SW in Motion at the Hillsdale meeting. They made a map with all the connections they would like to see. Don displayed the map for the Hillsdale neighborhood. They identified about 18 connections. Dave went to the Southwest Residental League to identify connections there. They are working on it. He also did a map for Ash Creek. Dave found 27 connections for Ash Creek. Dave displayed the map for Ash Creek. Don said we should work with the neighborhoods to develop proposed connections for each neighborhood. Don handed out maps to people willing to contact people in those neighborhoods.

SW Corridor: Don handed out the scoping booklet and the Analysis of Additional Roadway, Bicycle and Pedestrian Routes. We discussed each of the projects in each of the neighborhoods. There were several suggestions for improvements on the proposed projects. We will also request some additions: the Slavin Road connection, Richardson, Seymour, Trail 6 near Capital Hill Road and Barbur and 25th from Troy to Multnomah. Lee motion to approve concept of changes and have Don and Dave write up a letter on the changes. Keturah seconded the motion and the motion passed unanimously.

Work Parties: Dave said the next work party on October 6th will be in Albert Kelly Park. Last month we finished 150′ of trail in Gabriel Park. Don and Dave will negotiate with Parks on the stewardship agreement.

Hikes: Sharon said they had 21 people on the September hike. Don lead the hike to Lake Oswego. Dave will lead the October hike in the west part of Portland. Mark will lead November and Don will lead December.

Membership: Don said 22 people joined in August and there where six sponsorships.

Treasurer’s Report: Don said we are about the same.

Don read an update from Becky who is our new representative from the Bureau of Environmental Services. Dave said the BES rule that says all water must be contained on site makes the Capitol Highway project cost much more. He said there are nearby areas that would make nice ponds and riparian areas.

Barbara said there is not signage to direct people on bike in the area near Capitol and Terwilliger.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:42pm

Respectfully submitted

Lee Buhler



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