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November 17, 2016

The Watershed Building in Hillsdale
6388 SW Capitol Hwy
Portland OR 97239


Attendance: Don Baack, Virginia Hendrickson, Dave Manville, Sharon Fekety, Doug Rogers, Lee Buhler, Hans Steuch, Dale Sherbourne. Barbara Bowers, Jill VanWinkle Becky Tillson, John Miller

Don called to order at 7:02pm.

There was a discussion of the speed cameras on Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway. Don said they have been working very well as drivers are observing speed limits, there are 91% fewer speeders.

After introductions the agenda was approved.

Treasurer’s: Chris said there was an expense of $50.00 for Corporate Division annual report. Don said there would be a bill for the large 4T sign by the MAX station near the zoo. It has taken some time to get the sign.

Minutes: Barbara made a motion to approve the April – October minutes as posted on the SW Trails web page. Doug seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

Becky from BES and Jill from Portland Parks talked about a stream daylighting and a trail in Albert Kelly Park. The stream to be daylighted is starts at the eastern edge at the middle of the park and goes west to Mitchell. This will improve water quality, wildlife and native plants. Hans asked how it improves water quality. Becky said slowing the water filters it vs just running fast down a pipe. Doug asked why the stream was put in pipes. Becky said maybe it was for development. Mary Ann asked if there was piped streams on private property and Becky said probably and it would be great if those were daylighted. Dave pointed out that there is a dip where the pipe is. Dave said streams in Woods Park have been over-run with heavy rainfall. Becky said they would add items and structures to break up the flow. The staff plan is to have stepping stones to cross the creek. Don suggested leaving a small section in culvert for a crossing, building it up with gabions to get the trail higher. It would also make it easier for parks maintenance vehicles to get around in the park. With this design there could be an ADA like trail on top. Becky said they looked at it and it added cost, less riparian corridor and there are two other opportunities to cross in the park. Becky said there will be three ways to get across the park. There are two existing crossings and they will add another. Dave said one of the crossings is impassable. Jill said a bridge at that location was not selected due to the cost. Dave said it was better to stay with the contour rather than go up and down. He said it is a beautiful route. Jill said even with a bridge there is still a lot of slope that would not meet ADA requirements. Dave said he did not think it had to be ADA but “stroller” compatible. Doug pointed out that the creek is only three feet wide. Don said he did not think that stepping stones were acceptable. Don requested a trail plan view and an elevation drawing showing the grade the trail will have along its entire length. Dave said it would be nice to have SW Trail #1 going through the park. Dave said it was important to keep to contour and keep the trail as short as possible. Becky said they considered all options. Don said this park will have a lot of kids and elderly and taking strollers into consideration is important, It would be good to have a stroller suitable trail loop in the park. Jill said it is important to balance all the issues such as access, native environment and cost.

Jill said the next work party will be Thursday, December 1. Meet at the top of Council Crest.

Don and Becky talked about other BES projects.

Membership: Barbara said one person joined last month and there a total of 81 members. Barbara invited people to join or renew their memberships on the web page.

Southwest in Motion: Sharon talked about the trail connections s in South Portland. Don displayed the map of the trails prepared by and approved by the South Portland NA. Existing trails are one color and proposed trails are another. Dave talked about trails in Ash Creek. Don displayed the map prepared by and approved by the Ash Creek Neighborhood. There are twenty-nine total trail connections. Hans talked about trails in Arnold Creek, West Portland Park and Markham. He is working with several people and they will have maps soon. John Miller talked about the Collins View neighborhood trail connections. It covers a lot of area. He said there are five undeveloped trails. They should be good connections. One proposed trail is supported by some neighbors and opposed by some others. He said there is a right-of-way at the end of Collins street that is opposed by the neighbors but may be put in when the area is developed. Hans said the Collins View map on their website is well done. John said that the suggestions include things like sidewalk repair as well as trails on right-of-way. The sidewalk and other improvements will be a part of SWIM, but not part of the SWTrails Connection work. Doug said they talked about the trails in Hayhurst at the Neighborhood Association meeting and they will be working on proposed trails. Don said the person in charge of Southwest in Motion, Rich Newlands will come to the December meeting.

Safe Routes to School: Dave said they got word that no environmental permits are necessary for the trail at 25th over the gully. We will still need a PBOT permit. We have been working on this project with Novick/PBOT for 27 months!

Comprehensive Plan: Don sent in the SW Trail comments on the Major Trail Alignment amendments.

Update on Naito Crossing at Whitaker  from Liz Mahon
Here is the Naito Crossing at Whiteaker schedule:

• 95% Plans – Week of Dec. 12-16 (week 4)
• PBOT/ODOT Comments/Review Meeting – Week of Jan. 9-13 (week 8)
• 100% Plans – Week of Jan. 23-27 (week 10)
• Bid Project – March 2017
• Construction NTP – June 2017 (construction summer/fall 2017)

Red Electric Bridge scheduled to be completed December 2017. per Liz Mahon
Work Parties: Meet at Council Crest to work on 4T trails.

Hikes: Sharon said they had a good walk for November. Don will lead December. It will go on trail 6 from Hillsdale to Goose Hollow at the MAX station at 18th and Jefferson.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:16pm

Respectfully submitted

Lee Buhler



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