SW Trails Regular Monthly Meeting is: February 23rd 2017 7pm at the Watershed Building in Hillsdale, enter between buildings at 6388 SW Capitol Highway

In our January Membership meeting we got a lot of the plumbing work completed for our organization for 2017, but we did not finish and tabled that meeting until the March 23rd meeting.

Big news, after 21 years of outstanding leadership as President of SW Trails, Don Baack has elected to step back just a little bit and take on a new committee assignment as our ADVOCACY leader to all the jurisdictions we work together with.. to much alphabet soup to list them here, but Don is still very much involved in our mission of improving Trails and Active Transportation within SW Portland. So who is President you ask. Dave Manville formerly VP and Construction Projects Committee has agreed to step in as President for an initial 6 months. Also 2 new board positions were created and Debbie Small and Doug Rogers accepted terms for those positions. Other officer and committee assignments are roughly the same for this year, and after the March meeting a full summary will be posted.

We are heading into Spring soon, and with the hopeful change in weather SW Trail maintenance folks should be able to get out and fix some of the damage to our Urban Trails and Local Neighborhood Trails. If you know of damage, or giant puddles in the path, let us know by coming on over to the meeting or use the link on our web site to report the issue, greatly appreciated.


Approval of Agenda
Approval of January General Membership Minutes


Committee Reports
Treasury – Chris, Membership – Barbara, Sponsorship – Debbie, Walks –
Sharon or Virginia, Projects – Doug, Signs – Hans, Advocacy – Don,
Pres’s Corner – Dave

Continuing discussion of Board and Officer Assignments and Possible By Laws modification to be adopted at the MARCH 23rd meeting. The strategic plan, annual budget, and some committee assignments will be discussed in March also.

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