February 2017 SW Trails Minutes

Dave led as new president

In Attendance: Dave Manville , Doug Rogers, Barbara Bowers, Barbara Stedman,  Keturah Pennington, Michael Kisor, Debbie Small, Sharon Fekety , Keith Wymer


Dave requested we move the previously tabled membership meeting to march and noted we have a quorum of 6 but 5 board members are missing.

Michael noted that the board needed to approve the change of date for the membership meeting to March

A motion was made and passed to re-open the general membership meeting previously tabled in January.

A motion was made by Doug and passed to table the general membership meeting to our March meeting when we would discuss the bylaws review and annual budget.

A regular board meeting proceeded

A motion to approve the Agenda was approved

A motion to approve minutes of last month’s meeting was approved.


  • Dave: Sat. Feb. 25—Maricara Park work party
  • Spring Trails Skills Workshop April 8, 9am to 3pm Hoyt Arboretum
  • March 2 work party Dickinson Park 9:00 am to Noon

Dave: Treasurer’s report sent from Chris Mays for 2016 was reviewed.  Dave will do pro forma budget for next month

Membership-3 new-11 members paid

Sharon-Walks-Dave will lead March. Have April. Need May and beyond

Sharon-South Portland SWIM map-ongoing-adding potential trails

A motion was made to accept Doug Rogers willingness to be SW Trails Vice President and take the Projects – Coordinator role previously held by Dave. The motion passed.

Discussion about different groups we could contact-outreach, advocacy

Debbie reported on meeting with Alexis-PBOT about 25th and Bertha no progress with grant, pending actions.

Meeting adjourned 8:35 pm

Submitted by Sharon Fekety and Dave Manville

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