SW Trails Minutes April 27, 2017

Attendance: Chris Mays, Debbie Small, Sharon Fekety, Barbara Stedman, Dave Manville, Virginia Hendrickson, Glenn Bridger, Don Baack, Barbara Bowers, Hans Steuch, Doug Rogers, Thomas Wright, Michael Kisor
Approval of Minutes: Barbara B. moved, Hans seconded, and the March minutes were approved unanimously.
Approval of the Agenda: Don moved, Debbie seconded, the April agenda was unanimously approved.

Announcements and Events:

  • Apr 30: 10 AM to 1PM SW 25th and Nevada Ct ROW Cleanup add boulders, bare root plants, it is on SOLV site.
  • May 4: PPR-LS Work Party; 9AM to Noon, Westside trail in Council Crest. Meet at the Council Crest parking area.
  • May 6: 9 am to 1 pm SWNI Neighborhood cleanup will include a roadside cleanup with SOLV, sign up at the SWNI location.
  • May 22: 4:30 pm Dave, Don and Glenn to meet with Saltzman – – CANCELLED
  • June 21: 12 p – 3:00 p. 7th Annual Barbara Walker Trails Fair. BOOTH opportunity. The event is at the Oregon Convention Center Plaza. Don will sign up for a slot
  • Aug. 19: Multnomah Days:

Committee Reports:
Treasury Report:

  • Total: $19,721.92
    SW Trails: $16,291.60
    4T: $ 1,420.11
    Stephens Creek: $ 1,010.21
    AARP Bench: $ 1,000.00

Membership: 30 paid members. Discussion points: Paypal use; sending out membership reminders; PayPal “giving button”
Walks: Next walk May 13 meet at Wilson HS at 9 am Sharon Fekety lead
Signage: List of deficiencies on Trail 6 sent to PBOT Sabrina Kao. Almost 30 locations that needed attention. No response to date.
Social Media: 360 likes.

  • Boones Bridge-Tryon Creek progress; suggest writing a letter of support to Oregon State Parks for a grant request to build 3/8 mi trail from Marshal Park to Boones Bridge. Moved and seconded. Passed unanimously.
  • Jackson Middle School SRTS: Have permission to move forward with the project.
  • PBOT grindings Drops: Pending
  • PPR-LS Park improvement: Taking suggestions to forward on to the parks people.
    SW 25th and Bertha: Moved and seconded that the board authorize Don and Dave, 1) to proceed with a second grant request for handrails and, 2) to adjust other costs. Add waiving 50% holdback. Approved unanimously.
  • SW 45th and Gabriel Park: approval from church to drop on their side of the trail.
  • SWIM: Kickoff is delayed
  • Other: Don: adjacent property owners’ permission to repair a broken step; absolving SWTrails from liability if future accidents occur.

Guest Speaker: Michael Kisor SW Corridor Plan: The Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) is getting underway. It includes impacts on our natural and built environment within the SW Corridor. Goal: come up with locally preferred plans for light rail use. To be adressed in the DEIS study are: safety issues around auto, biking, and walking. Look at options: No-build vs. other options and select a preferred option. The DEIS will project impacts to 2035 and in some instance to 2045. Light rail is a more viable option looking that far ahead.

Other Business:
Marshal Park Tryon Creek Trail: Send a letter of support: to State Parks regarding funding

Next Month Agenda Topics to be sent to Dave.

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