Portland is scheduled to fix up SW Capitol Highway between Multnomah Village and SW Barbur.   However this work will not be started for another couple of years.  As a temporary fix until this work is done, SW Trails along with some neighbors will be making the path along the road easier to walk on.  Come join us for this work party on Saturday October 28, from 1pm to 5pm.

In order to make the walking trail along Capitol Hwy less muddy, community volunteers will spread gravel along the east side of the road. PBOT will deliver 3 cubic yards of gravel to each of the following four locations along SW Capitol Hwy. Join us at one of these locations.

Volunteers are urged to bring gloves, shovels, wheelbarrows and rakes. Please put your name on your tools to keep them from being mixed up with other’s tools.  If you have questions, call Don Baack at 971-678-1635

SW Capitol Hwy work party

October 28th Work Party locations on SW Capitol Highway

There will be a leader at each of 4 gravel piles. They will ask you to sign in on two different forms, one for SWTrails and one for the City of Portland. Note that a parent must co sign for anyone under 16 working on the effort. You will be issued a vest when you sign in. Please remember to return the vest as they are borrowed.

Gravel has been dumped in about 3 cubic yard piles at 4 different locations along the route to reduce the amount of distance we need to haul the gravel. Some of the blackberries have been cut down and the first thing we want to do is to haul the cut up pieces out to piles where the gravel is dumped. PBOT will pick up the debris after we are done. The next process will be to have strong backs haul the gravel to premarked areas on the trail and dump it, far end first. Then 1 or 2 rakers will spread it about an inch deep followed by strong folks using metal compactors to get it firmly compacted.



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