Calendar for Trail Maintenance Activities SW TRAILS 2018-2019

Below is a proposed schedule of events for trail maintenance activities in natural areas in SW Portland.  This proposed schedule takes into account optimal times for removing leaf litter and other organics, optimal times for gravelling, appropriate times to brush trail.

Scheduled events may be cancelled with one week’s notice by either party if extenuating circumstances demand.  In addition, extreme inclement weather such as a high wind warning, excessive heat, or icy conditions may require event cancellation with less than 24 hours’ notice.

June 7th 2018 Work Party

  • Project: Brushing, weeding, edge & fill at steps
  • Trail: Raz Baack
  • Meeting location:

July 5th 2018 Work Party

  • No work party – summer holiday and YCC conflicts

August 2nd 2018 Work Party

  • Project: Tread reconstruction, step replacement, and/or switchback rerouting.
  • Trail:  4T/Marquam Trail between Hwy 26 and SW Patton
  • Meeting location:  Meet at Trailhead off SW Patton. Parking on side streets or near Fairmount and Council Crest Park.

September 6th 2018 Work Party

  • Project:  Tread maintenance and armoring
  • Trail:  4T – Council Crest to Marquam Park
  • Meeting location: At 4T/Marquam Trail crossing Greenway Ave, below Council Crest

October 4th 2018 Work Party

  • Project: Trail reroute or step installation
  • Trail: Trolley Trail
  • Meeting location: Council Crest Park summit

November 1st 2018 Work Party

  • Project: Leaf raking and drainage maintenance, close social trails
  • Trail:  Marshall Park
  • Meeting location:  Playground entrance at SW 12th Pl.

December 6th 2018 Work Party

  • Project: tread drainage and armoring
  • Trail: Marquam Trail behind the Children’s Museum
  • Meeting location: In front of the Children’s Museum – we’ll provide parking passes. Park in Lot A.

January 3rd 2019 Work Party

  • Cancelled due to icy conditions

February 7th 2019 Work Party

  • Project:  Tread improvements, armoring, close social trails
  • Trail: Lesser Park
  • Meeting location: TBD

March 7th 2019 Work Party

  • Project: Rebuild steps
  • Trail: Burlingame Park
  • Meeting location:  SW 11th and Canby St

April 4th 2019 Work Party

  • Project:  tread improvements, armoring, close social trails/remove redundant trails
  • Trail: Gabriel Park
  • Meeting location:  Trailhead at the Community Gardens, off SW Canby Rd
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