Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and the global shutdown of nearly everything, SWTrails has decided to cancel all of our upcoming events.  This shouldn’t stop you from exploring your neighborhood!  In fact, studies have shown that brief outdoor walks benefit people at all phases of human life.  Current research is exploring dosage and even planning principles for exposure to nature that can enhance health.  During the quarantine, instead of binge watching your favorite shows, we recommend getting outside!

In the coming weeks, SWTrails will share routes that our guided hikes would have followed so you can still enjoy a hike, but without the group.  Please remember to do your part to slow the spread of the virus by keeping a safe distance from your hiking buddies.*

Starting April 6 and continuing for the next several weeks (or months), we will release new routes traversing in a SW Portland neighborhood. All you need is a good pair of walking shoes and smartphone with the “Explorer for ArcGIS” application installed. Download instructions can be found here.  We will present a new route that will explore the best pedestrian-friendly walking routes in SW Portland.  These routes are scenic and safe, so get out there and start walking!

Hike 1  – Gabriel Park to Oleson Road
Hike 2  – Terwilliger Loop
Hike 3 – Boones Ferry to Lesser Park
Hike 4 – Barbur TC To Marshall Park
Hike 5 – Hideaway to Pendleton Park
Hike 6 – Multnomah Village to Woods Park
Hike 7  – South Portland Loop
Hike 8  – Hillsdale City Parks
Hike 9  – Riverview to Sunstone
Hike 10 – Hillsdale to Healy Heights
Hike 11  – Marquam Hill Loop
Hike 12  – Gabriel, Woods and April Hill Park
Hike 13  – Ainsworth Loop East
Hike 14  – Jackson M.S. to Lesser Park
Hike 15  – Smith School to Woods Park
Hike 16  – Ainsworth Loop West
Hike 17 – John’s Landing Berry Loop
Hike 18 – Hamilton Park to Hewitt
Hike 19 – Marquam Park to Council Crest
Hike 20 – Garden Home to Fanno Creek
Hike 21 – Rieke to Burlingame Park
Hike 22 – Hike the Hoyt
Hike 23 – Robert Gray to Gabriel Park
Hike 24  –  South Waterfront to OHSU
Hike 25  – Tryon Creek Loop
Hike 26  – Marquam Park Central
Hike 27  – Thanksgiving Scone Walk
Hike 28 – Multnomah to Marshall Park
Hike 29 – 21 Miles for 2021!
Hike 30 – Old Bertha Highway
Hike 31 – Mud to Mansions in Dunthorpe
Hike 32 – Mountain Goat Loop


Fresh air and interesting neighborhoods await, and as you enjoy these hikes don’t forget to use hashtag #SWTRAILS to tag your pictures!

Happy Trails,

*Per guidelines issued in Executive Order 20-12: “Individuals may go outside for recreational activities (walking, hiking, etc.) but must limit those activities to non-contact and are prohibited from engaging in outdoor activities where it is not possible to maintain appropriate social distancing (six feet or more between individuals).



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