The fourth hike in our Self-Led hiking series will make you feel like you have left the city.  Read on for more details.

Name: Barbur Transit Center to Marshall Park
Neighborhood: West Portland Park, Marshall Park
Distance: 4.78 Miles
Elevation Change: 342 ft
Start/End Location: Barbur Transit Center (9750 SW Barbur Blvd)
Map Links:  Interactive Map   GPX Download

This hike takes you through the Markham and Marshall Park neighborhoods on as many little trails and Parks that we can find.  We pass through Quail Post trail, Foley Balmer Natural Area, Marshal Park and Maricara Park and stick to the side streets as best we can. Begin this route at the Barbur Transit Center which has ample parking and easy public transit access. However, this route is a circle and therefore can be started at any point along the route. Alternate starting locations are Jackson Middle School, Maricara Park, or Marshall Park. This route is suitable for sturdy walkers, hikers, and runners. Strollers are not advised.

Interactive Map Directions:

  • Touch the “Interactive Map” link at the top of this page to launch a web-based version of the route map from your mobile browser (i.e. chrome, or safari).
  • Touch the locate me button in the top-left corner of your display to activate a ‘blue dot’ showing your current location
  • Your blue dot will now follow the highlighted route from your mobile device!
  • Note, you may have to grant permission to allow the application to access location services.

Step-by step Directions:
Begin your walk at the Barbur Transit Center by heading over towards I-5 at the back of the lot, following SW Trail #5 signs and cross the pedestrian bridge crossing the freeway, once on the other side go straight over to Huber St. make a left and go East to 35th and turn left down to a right onto Ridge Dr., 1blk right onto 34th and around onto Wilbard to 30th and into the thicket left across bridge onto Quail Post trail, at the end head down the hill and left on Lancaster keeping to the East edge is better for 1 block then right into Foley Balmer trail and across the new bridge and out on Collins Ct, jog left ½ blk into Marshall Park and take the left trail northerly, you can see the Owl Creek bridge as you enter so take the trail in that direction, but both routes get you to the bottom of the park at the Marshall Park play structure. Now you are on SW Trail #6 and head south over the old concrete and stone bridge crossing Tryon Crk again and on to Maplecrest Dr. and continue across. At the next Junction go right up hill south and stay on Trail #6 over a little bridge and out of Marshall Park and onto 11th still heading S. Now go down the street and right onto Kari Ln, then right on 14th, then left on 14th and up to Lancaster taking the edge of the road up to the sign for Trail #5 to head west on the cut-through trail up to Ridgeview Ln. Now walk on Ridgeview then left on Luradel and left on 25th for 1 blk and then right into Maricara Park. We are going all the way through the park and it can be done several ways but I like going south taking a left at the first junction in the park. Straight ahead works also. Now arriving at the park West entrance on Maricara go west straight out of the Pk to Jackson Middle School on 35th and turn left to the south end parking lot and head right into the lot and pick up the bark path trail that continues along Failing Crk and up to 40th. Also you can just go straight through the school fields up the stairs to 40th also. On 40th go right and back over the I-5 pedestrian bridge to the Barbur Transit Center and you are done. Remember that these walks are best done with the Explorer for ArcGIS app on your phone that can really help guide you by showing the location of where you are compared to the route.

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