Hike # 18: Hamilton Park to Hewitt

This hike has a lot of turns in and around residential streets and unique cut-throughs.  Stay with it to see the matchless beauty of the West Slope Neighborhood.

Name: Hamilton Park to Hewitt
Neighborhood: West Slope
Distance: 3.68 miles
Elevation Change: 322 ft
Start/End Location: Hamilton Park (45th and Hamilton St)
Map Links:  Mobile*  Browser

This hike takes you through the Bridlemile neighborhood, going by Hamilton Park and Bridlemile Elementary school before heading uphill to Trail # 7. Begin at Hamilton Park/Bridlemile School for an enjoyable walk through this sheltered part of SW Portland.

To begin, head north out of Hamilton Park on SW 43rd; at the end turn right to cut through on a little gravel trail leading to SW Tunnelwood St.  Turn right at SW Jerald Way and follow it south past Bridlemile and turn left to a little grassy path just before Bancroft Ct.  The grassy path will take you to SW 34th; stay on 34th as it curves back to Hamilton St. Go right on Hamilton for 1 block, then left on SW Hamilton Ct. (which becomes SW 37th).  Turn Left onto SW Seymour St which sweeps around and turns into SW 35th Pl. Enter Albert Kelly Park.  Look southeast to the bottom of the grassy area where the trees line the stream and head down that way. Pick up the trail leading into the woods and cross the stream before going up the hill.  Once you’ve reached the top, go off the path and head south past the play structure. Head south, then west, to connect with the newly daylighted stream crossing towards the west; exit the park, heading west onto SW Mitchell St.  Turn right; turn left onto SW 38th Pl.  At the bottom of the hill turn right on SW 39th; turn left on SW Lee St.(SW Trail #1).  At the end of SW Lee go on the trail, cross the stream, and head up to SW 43rd.  Go right for 1 block to SW Admiral Ct.  Angle left for 100 ft; enter the paved path. Follow the path out to SW 45th and jog right, then left onto SW Julia St.  Angle left in a few blocks onto SW Julia Ct. At the end of the cul-de-sac go straight onto the pedestrian path. The path ends at SW Shattuck Rd; jog left and then right onto SW 53rd; wind around up to Hamilton.  Go left on Hamilton 1 block and turn right on 54th Pl.   After 2 blocks turn right on SW Bancroft and walk for 2 blocks.  Turn left on SW 52nd Ave, then right on SW Lowell St.  After crossing SW Shattuck Rd (SW Lowell St. becomes SW Lowell Ct.), in about 100 yd. look for the entry to the trail on the right side of the road; turn onto that trail, use the bridge to cross the stream and go up the other side.  Turn left onto SW 48th Pl., then right on SW 47th Way to arrive back at the Bridlemile School where you started.

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*To follow this route, use the Explorer for ArcGIS App to follow along. Simply Download the Explorer for ArcGIS app and touch here on any mobile device. The route is highlighted on an interactive map.

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