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Multnomah Days

August 17, 2019

Join SWTrails tomorrow walking the Multnomah Days Parade with us, all including children and dogs welcome.  Line up by 9:45 south of the bridge over Multnomah Blvd by (9:45 to walk the short parade with us.  See Hans with the SWTrails Banner in the lineup.  After the Parade, stop by the SWTrails both to talk about the many things happening in SW Portland regarding possible new trails, and connections, see how we are using mapping technology to justify new crosswalks of our busy streets. 

BES is moving forward with the new bridge over Tryon Creek on Boones Ferry Road at Arnold.  This is very important for our Hillsdale to Lake Oswego Trail, one of the final links in the Urban Trails network.

We are still waiting for word on when the Red Electric Bridge will go to contract.  The design is done and we are just waiting for PBOT to let the contract.  As you may know, we feel the west end of the bridge connects to SW Bertha westbound in the wrong way.  We continue to fight to get it done in a way that 99% of the users will want to use it.

The Final Report for SW In Motion is out.  Please download it and see the projects proposed for the next 5 years for SW Portland.  We have worked to include many connections that will make walking on our Urban Trail Network safer and many of our desired projects are included.  There will be a hearing on September 25th in City Council Chambers at 2pm. 

If you want to relate your views of the Final Report, there will be a meeting with PBOT staff on September 5th 6 to 7:30 pm in Room 4 of the Multnomah Arts Center.  The report is an attempt to set priorities on how to spend available PBOT funds in  next 5 years.  It is not simple since PBOT is trying to manage a very small pot of money to improve things while taking advantage of opportunities like when BES or the Water Bureau is tearing up the street, what small scale fixes can be made to improve things.  The funding sources are a complex mix and not easily tapped or administered.

Given all that, please read the report at:   https://www.portlandoregon.gov/transportation/article/739324

Details of the projects can be found in the Appendix at:

Look at them carefully, some are misleading like the “pedestrian imporovements on Capitol Hwy from Burlingame Ave to Terwilliger where the project is called a pedestrian improvement but is really just a better bike lane since bikes are not separated from pedestrians on this steeper street where bikes go at 30 mph downhill and 29000 fast moving cars use the street each weekday.  No place I want to walk.  Look at the crosswalks, and where they are located.  Some are in inappropriate locations.  Some important crosswalks  are missing entirely.

Some bike improvements are proposed without addressing important pedestrian needs, like the bikeway at Terwilliger and Capitol Hwy.

The time to speak up is now!  Get your neighborhood to review the plan before the council review.  I am sure staff wants to hear your concerns before you send a letter or testify about the problem.

We will have one copy of the SW in Motion Plan at the Trails booth at Multnomah Days.  If you need a written copy, contact  Nick.Falbo@portlandoregon.gov

–contributed by Don Baack


August 17, 2019