About Us

SWTrails PDX: Good for you, good for the city, good for the planet

 SWTrails is a community group founded in 1995 whose purpose is to promote wellness and to support walking and biking in southwest Portland and the surrounding area.

Our primary goals are to:

  • Organize group hikes.
  • Build and maintain trails in SW Portland.
  • Work with city, county and state planners to develop new walking and biking opportunities in SW Portland.
  • Advocate for more resources for hiking/biking.
  • Assure walking maps are correct and up-to-date.


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There are so many benefits to walking and biking.  Exercise brings better health and walking and biking are fun, easy ways to get much needed exercise. They also allow us more opportunities for social interaction and meeting our neighbors (as opposed to the isolation of driving a car day after day).

More people using alternative forms of transportation would result in reduced traffic congestion and carbon emissions. We’d like to make it easier for everyone to get to public transportation, as well as to their neighborhood centers, schools and libraries. And when we do drive, we’d like to make sure that we’re not dodging bikes and pedestrians—the roads need to be safe for everyone to use. Improved trails and better connectivity reduce stress for car drivers as well.

We are committed to making SW Portland better for everyone by increasing safety and opportunities for walkers and bikers.  Thanks for taking time to read through our site!

Happy Walking,
SW Trails