SW Trails PDX Meeting Minutes January 26, 2012 Attendance: Don Baack, Sharon Fekety, Lee Buhler, Diane Mays, Chris Mays, Cole […]
W Trails PDX January 12, 2012 Minutes Attendance: Don Baack, Glenn Bridger, Sharon Fekety, Lee Buhler (Chris Mays was unable […]
SW Trails PDX Meeting Minutes November 17, 2011 Attendance: Don Baack, Sharon Fekety, Michael Kisor, Lee Buhler Chair Don Baack […]
W Trails PDX Meeting Minutes October 27, 2011 Attendance: Don Baack, Peter DeCrescendo Chris Mays, Katurah Pennington, Wendy Cawley, Phyliis […]
Pedestrian Impediment Examples – Asphalt Sidewalk Issues September 30, 2011 Address: 7132 SW Terwilliger Issue: Dangerous asphalt sidewalk Requested Actions: […]
Pedestrian Impediment Examples – Blocked ROW September 30, 2011 Address: 10928 SW 49th Ave. Issue: Unlicensed car parked in ROW,wall […]
Pedestrian Impediment Examples – Vegetation September 30, 2011 Address:  7326 SW Capitol Hill Road Issue: Vegetation impeding the use of […]
SW Trails PDX Meeting Minutes September 22, 2011 Attendance: Don Baack, Glenn Bridger, Sharon Fekety, Michael Kisor, Chris Mays, Diane […]
SW Trails PDX Preliminary Meeting Minutes Thursday, July 28th 2011 Present:  Don Baack, Gaile Baack, Mike Roach, Phyllis Towne, Glenn […]
Trails Club of Oregon The Trails Club has weekly walks starting in Northwest Portland on the Wednesday morning at 9:30 […]

June 8 – 2nd Saturday Hike

June 15 – 3rd Saturday Walk


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