Right of way on SW Coronado

SWTrails’ Don Baack was invited to the February, 2013, meeting of Arnold Creek Neighborhood Association (ACNA) to discuss helping the neighborhood develop a trail along the unimproved portion of the right-of-way on SW Coronado between SW s16th Avenue and SW Boones Ferry Road. Some of the adjacent property owners raised objections to such development.

On May 13, 2013 Greg Raisman of the Portland Bureau of Transportation wrote a letter summarizing the dispute about making this trail. The gist of this letter is that the public has the right to travel through this right-of-way, but that a permit is needed before an official trail can be built.

Hans Steuch has provided a pictorial description of the right-of-way and how to find it.

SWTrails has taken action with regard to this corridor as reported below; the organization stands ready to assist ACNA, or any other group willing to develop a trail under City of Portland regulations (as of 2019 the Portland Pathways program).


On September 9, 2013 SWTrails sent a letter to Christine Leon of PBOT requesting the removal of a new fence encroaching upon the right of way. In addition Kurt Krueger was invited to the December 2013 SWTrails monthly meeting which he attended. At the meeting:

▪  Don Baack asked about the problem on the Coronado trail where an adjacent property owner built a fence. He said the fence encroaches up to 30 feet onto the 50 foot right-of-way.

▪  Kurt Krueger of the Bureau of Transportation said there is disagreement in the office on how to handle that situation. He said they gave the owner two options: to grant a permit or remove it. Kurt said he would not give a permit as the right-of-way could be used at some point. He said some in the office want the fence removed now and some want to wait until there are plans for a trail. He said the trail has been used for some time and therefore they should move back a few feet.

▪  Dave Manville said the trail makes a good route to Tryon Creek State Park. He said it is better than walking along Arnold where there is high traffic and no place to walk.

▪  Don said if the fence is allowed to stay it would encourage people to do this in other such locations.

▪  Kurt said it is difficult as the property owners are responsible to maintain the adjacent right-of-way.

▪  Cary asked about liability and Don pointed out that we understand from talking with officials, that if a trail is built by volunteers with permits it takes the liability off the adjacent property owner.

▪  Dave asked about the permitting process and Kurt said they are working on it.

On January 5, 2014 Don Baack sent a letter to Kurt Krueger from SWTrails about the fence along the SW Coronado ROW.

On September 15, 2014 the board of SW Trails sent a letter to the Portland city officials (the mayor, several city councilmen, and other officials) about the possibility of SWTrails building a trail along SW Coronado.

On February 10, 2015 Don Baack sent an email to Christine Leon at PBOT asking for information about the removal of encroachment request of 9 9 2013 about SW Coronado. Christine responded February 27, 2015.

On June 5, 2019 Hans Steuch testified at a Portland City Council meeting regarding adoption of the PedPDX plan in favor of including the Coronado ROW in a designation of a Neighborhood Walkway.