Hillsdale Projects for SW Corridor Projects

Hillsdale Projects for SW Corridor Projects

1. BH Highway – on west side of intersection with 30th / Dosch, mark crosswalk
2. Sidewalk, BH Highway, 30th (Dosch) to 18th (Some in Pedestrian District)
3. BH Highway, Bike lane into Commercial area (in addition to Vermont bike lane)
4. SW Capitol Highway – Multimodal connections (bike and Ped south side) from SW Cheltenham to Terwilliger. Add NB left turn lane on Terwilliger at Capitol Highway, sidewalk from Capitol Hwy to Terwilliger Court.
5. Signal at SW 25th /Vermont / Capitol Highway

6. Capitol Highway/Bertha Court, add bike island at intersection; improve signalization at intersection with scramble timing
7. 30th, Sidewalks or extended shoulders from BH Highway to Vermont
8. SW 25th Safe Route to School from Vermont to Robert Gray including new crossing of Fanno Creek. Pedestrian District
9. Sidewalk or Extended Shoulder with no parking on Cheltenham Ct from SW DeWitt to SW Westwood Drive. Some in Pedestrian District.
10. Complete Sidewalk on SW DeWitt from Cheltenham to SW Sunset Blvd both sides of street. Pedestrian District.

11. Complete sidewalk on north side of SW Vermont SW 25th to SW Bertha. Short section.
12. Complete sidewalk on so side of Vermont SW Bertha to SW 10th. Pedestrian District
13. New sidewalk one side of street on SW Burlingame Avenue SW Capitol Hwy to SW Chestnut. Pedestrain District
Please look this over with emphasis on the area where you travel, especially where you walk or bicycle. Are these improvements needed? Should others be added and your thinking? Should some be deleted, your thinking? Remember we are only looking at about 1/2 mile from the transit route.

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