Monthly Walks

SWTrails sponsors two monthly walks through areas of southwest Portland.  It’s a great way to get some exercise and meet your neighbors

In Response to COVID-19, We’re Canceling Our Monthly Walks.
Click here for information on our Self-Led Hikes

Our longer walks are on every second Saturday of the month.  We start at 9:00am and try to be finished by about noon.  Our shorter, less-hilly Stroll & Coffee walks usually occur on the third Saturday of the month, starting at 9:00 am and ending with a coffee break. Here is a link to other groups leading walks through Portland. Here are reports on some of our previous walks.

Location: We meet at the west entrance to Wilson High School.  This is just east of the SW Capitol and Sunset intersection.
For the Google map click here

Be sure to dress for the weather and make sure you are there at 9:00 as we like to leave promptly.

For more information about SWTrails or to report problems, contact Don Baack.

For more information about walks contact Dave Manville using the following form.

We Love Hillsdale's Trails

January 2014 walk – Snow

April 2014 walk – owl in Tryon Creek Park

May 2014 walk – slug on a poem in the forest

September 2014 Walk – Esplanade

October 2014 walk – Iowa Street trail through Himes Park reopens

November 2014 walk – Little Free Libraries

December 2014 walk – 10-11-12-13-14

January 2015 walk – Poem that reads from bottom to top

February 2015 walk – Valentine’s Day

March 2015 walk – pi day = 3.145926 = 3.14.15 9:26am

June 2015 – cactus and Riverview Natual Area

July 2015 – Terwilliger and South River Front

August 2015 Multnomah Days Parade

October 2015 Free Moles and stone bears

November 2015 Treehouses

February 2016 Totem pole and Marquam Nature Park

April 2016 Unusual sights along walk route

May 2016 Climbing stairs to Portland Heights

July 2016 Crossing Tilikum and Selwood Bridges

August 2016 Hot

November 2016 Bridlemile School through Raleigh Hills

December 2016 Ice Storm cancels hike

February 2017 Cat and mouse

April 2017 Tryon Creek Park

August 2017 Tryon Creek Observatory

September 2017 Fall colors 

January 2018 Fantasy figures

February 2018 Veterans and Bridges