Hillsdale to Lake Oswego Trail

The Hillsdale to Lake Oswego Trail has been part of Oregon Metro’s Regional Transportation Plan (RTS) since the early 2000’s and although large portions already exist, there are portions that remain undeveloped.  SWTrails would like to finish the undeveloped sections of the Hillsdale-to-Lake-Oswego Trail in Metro’s RTS and provide improvements and wayfinding/signage for the entire route. Completing the missing segments of this trail will provide a way to safely walk from Lake Oswego to the Hillsdale neighborhood in Portland to access shopping, libraries, schools, and recreation opportunities in both communities as well as offering a safe pedestrian route to bus stops.

The red segments on the above map indicate where improvements are needed.
See an Interactive Project Map HERE

Letters of Support:

Oregon State Parks
Oregon Metro
Hillsdale Business and Professional Association
Portland Parks and Recreation
Portland Bureau of Transportation
State Representatives Rob Wagner and Andrea Salinas

Articles in Support:

Completion of Hillsdale to Lake Oswego Trail Could Become a Reality  (Hillsdale News)