Loos needed for trails

Thanks to all of you who contacted Parks about the need to restore the Rieke Soccer Field, it is on the bond list. Now we have an opportunity to ask the Portland City Council to include two Portland Loos (combination bathroom and drinking fountain) along popular hiking trails:

1. A Loo at Council Crest Park, there is not one public bathroom between the Zoo and OHSU. I have been told by parents of small children the trip takes up to 6 hours. This is an important much needed amenity for this very popular trail.

2. A Loo available at all hours at the site of the Rieke Soccer field which , when renovated, will have almost constant daily use, especially if it has lights installed. The Loo will also serve the popular Hillsdale Farmers Market (now served with a honey bucket that is locked when the Farmers Market is not operating). It will also serve walkers using the Hillsdale to Lake Oswego Trail.

Contact the city council by letter, email or phone immediately.

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