The trails of SW Portland are being covered by falling leaves.  SW Trails thinks that Portland Parks should take responsibility for cleaning some trails, and that SW Trails should take responsibility for other trails.  Here are our recommended priorities:

Portland Parks Fall Winter Leaf Blowing Priorities from the perspective of SWTrails


Trail 1. Short segment of trail from Whitaker Steps to road down fromTerwilliger

Trail 3.

  • A. Himes Park segment of the trail including trail to the Barbur Bridge soon to be used
  • B. Stephens Creek Natural Area, RAZ BAACK crossing and associated accessible trails
  • C. Gabriel Park trail through woods including trail to SW 45th

Trail 4 I do not believe natural area management has any of Burlingame Park.
If I am wrong, then path leading to Burlingame Park from the East.

Trail 5

  • A. Maricara Park portion of trail
  • B. Dickinson Park trail segments all the way across the park.

Trail 6 Marshall Park from north to south end

Trail 7

  • A. Trail behind Forestry Center to Hwy 26,
  • B. Trail 7 aka 4T fromHwy 26 to Patton,
  • C. Woods Park from Alice to Terwilliger D. Lessor park trail

Other trails that should have priority:

  • Nearby the trail from SW Woods to Terwilliger just north of Campus Drive
  • Buhler Cutoff Terwilliger To Barbur
  • 4T Trail through Marquam Park to shelter and thence to OHSU
  • All of the 40 mile loop through SW Portland Upper trail in Himes Park parallel to

For SWTRAILS to do NOT parks

SWTrails trail segments that need to be blown off

Trail 1

  • A. From Fairmount To Chesapeake
  • B. From Melville to Twombly
  • C. Segments from SW Admiral to Shattuck

Trail 3

  • A. Trail on North side of Wilson HS
  • B. Segment on church property west of Capitol Hill Road.
  • C. Segment through Presbyterian Church Property

Trail 4.

  • A. SW Custer Stairs Terwilliger to Kelley
  • B. Stairs on ODOT ROW below I5 onramp at Terwilliger
  • C. Stairs from Canby to Canby at SW 10 th

Trail 5 A. Connection SW Lancaster west on SW Ridgeview

Trail 6.

  • A. Steps on Terrace North off SW Broadway
  • B. SW19th from Capitol Hill Road to Taylors Ferry Rd

Trail 7.

  • A. Stairs and trail on SW 45th south of Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy to
    SW Cullen
  • B. Stairs and trail from SW Garden Home Road to SW Primrose

Other trails FOR SWTrails
1. Trail from SW Council Crest Drive to Fairmount along SW 19th



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