SW Trails urges you to send letter to Portland city officials

Deadline for submitting comments on the City of Portland Comprehensive Plan and the Transportation System Plan (a part of the Comp Plan) is 5 pm March 9th 2015.

The Comprehensive Plan is a very important document as it guides all the infrastructure planning and construction as well as the zoning and all the special uses around the city. It has not been updated for many many years.

Here is an important addition relating to right of way that I ask you send to the two addresses PSC@portlandoregon.gov; TSP@portlandoregon.gov

Policy 8.44 Right of way maintenance. Remove vegetation and encroachments that interfere with the safe passage of vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclists on both built and unbuilt right of way.

Also, if you have not yet done so, please support the following three projects.

1. Community Supported Red Electric Trail,
2. A wide climbing bike lane on SW Dosch for both pedestrians to have a safe place to walk and for climbing bicycles.
3. A wide climbing bike lane on SW Marquam Hill Road for both pedestrians to have a safe place to walk and for climbing bicycles. You might mention that this is a favorite tourist route on the 4T trail.

Discussion of TSP requests as explained in: Link

Added discussion of other projects:
SW Dosch, SW Hamilton, SW Talbot, SW Shattuck, SW Barbur Blvd,
SW Multnomah 1 and 2, Other SW Projects

Comments are due by March 9th. Address them to both addresses to be included in the official record. They are counting the numbers of letters of support for each project.
PSC@portlandoregon.gov; TSP@portlandoregon.gov

Thanks Don Baack

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