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SWTrails 2015 Activity Report and Request For You to Join, Sponsor or Contribute from Don Baack

Key Accomplishments:
Work on the design of the funded Red Electric Bridge across the gully from Verde Cocina on Capitol Highway to SW Bertha westbound has begun. This new bridge, to be completed in 2017, will make it much much safer to walk to Hillsdale from the west.

We also led the way to secure Metro funding for the incremental cost, $700,000, of a bridge to be completed in 2017 over Tryon Creek so that we can walk under SW Boones Ferry Road at SW Arnold. This bridge is the key link that has been missing in the 6 mile Hillsdale to Lake Oswego Regional Pedestrian Trail, AKA Trail 6. We also helped get a project started to rebuild a part of SW 19th north of SW Taylors Ferry Road to improve another section of the same trail.

Thanks to the “can do” leadership of Vice President and Construction Leader Dave Manville we organized and began a one year “cooperation/learning time” with Portland Parks where we spend a half- day or more each month working on SWTrail Routes through Portland Parks and on other important connections in SW Portland. Thus far we have managed to get the old trail from SW Woods Street to Terwilliger just north of OHSU, South Portland NA improved to make it safer for the many people who use it each day. We spent two days working on it. We continue to push to get PBOT moving implementing the new trails policy to maintain our 40 miles of urban trails.

We worked to improve a switchback and manage vegetation in Himes Park; built a trail in Foley Balmer to replace a steep eroded trail; rebuilt trail segments in Dickinson Park; cleared vegetation and debris from trails on Council Crest, and in Maricara Park. Portland Parks provided support on these work parties and projects to bring these trails up to our standards. We also cleared several down trees that were blocking trails in parks and rights of way.

We also have worked to remove brush and invasives from a part of the Wilson Campus adjacent to Trail 3 and replanted, weeded and watered it to get native plants started. BES has helped with a grant for the cost of the plants.

Barbara Bowers, our membership chair, cheerfully worked all year to sign up members and sponsors.

Our intrepid walk leaders Sharon Fekety and Virginia Henderson organized monthly walks in which over 300 walkers took the opportunity to tour the back corners of SW Portland on foot. We also co-sponsored a well- attended SW Stroll with AARP and Oregon Walks in October.

Our Secretary – Lee Buhler, Treasurer – Chris Mays, Webmaster – Mark Turner and email list-keeper – Diane Mays, plus Glen Bridger, Hans Steuch, Doug Rogers, Patty Barker, Barbara Stedman and Rick Kappler and many others all worked to keep our organization going.

We set up and greeted our neighbors at the SWTrails’ Booth at the Hillsdale Health Fair in May, Hillsdale Farmers Market in July, South Portland Health Fair and Multnomah Days in August, and the Garden Home Fair in September.

We visited most of the Neighborhood Association Meetings at least once to ascertain their trail needs. In the Bridlemile neighborhood we put together an application to Portland Parks to complete all- weather trails for SW Trails 1 and 7 across Albert Kelly Park. Currently, it is not possible to walk across the park without getting your feet wet from the dew, or wet and muddy in wet weather. SWTrails proposed to organize the volunteer labor and Portland Parks will furnish the materials for this project.

These are the people and the activities that promote SW Trails on a regular basis. We need your membership, sponsorship and contributions, volunteer labor and community support in our efforts to maintain and improve our SW pedestrian and bicycle environment. Without you we cannot continue to improve the great place in which we live. It is hoped that in this season of giving you will continue to help us in our goal to make SW Portland a safe and pleasing place to walk and bicycle. You are invited to become a member for $10, a sponsor for $100 or more or whatever you choose to contribute. Our website, will give you more details and a payment option with PayPal. If you choose to use the US Mail, the address to send your check is SWTrails C/O Don Baack 6495 SW Burlingame Place, Portland OR 97239.
Thanks, join us at our next walk on the 2nd Saturday every month meeting at 9AM at Wilson HS near the food carts off Capitol Hwy. Come to our monthly 4th Thursday 7pm meetings at the Watershed 6388 SW Capitol Hwy.
Thank you again for your financial and volunteer support.

We wish you a happy holiday season!
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