Thanksgiving Hillsdale Walk

Celebrate Thanksgiving with the Hillsdale Walk

Thursday November 24th, 9:00 am

We know Thanksgiving Day we will eat too much. At 9 AM on this glorious day, with a fresh look at the day, take a walk sponsored by the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association. Bring children, grandchildren, and pets. Meet friends new and old.

We will start from the area of food carts and dance studio near the intersection of Sunset and Capitol Highway, which serves as the Wilson High School entrance. From there we will walk to the Stephens Creek Natural Area, use the Raz Baack Crossing, go west on SW Nevada Ct, stop for take a break for visiting, scones and coffee or tea. Our walk continues west as far as Capitol Hwy, then back on 25th, Nebraska and Capitol Hwy to where we started.

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