Photos from the Bridlemile to Sylvan walk

SW Trails hiked west from Bridlemile School through Raleigh Hills.  The hike was very pleasant except pedestrian unfriendly SW Scholls Ferry Road on the western border of Portland.

Walking on SW Scholls Ferry road without a sidewalk or shoulder

Car friendly, pedestrian unfriendly SW Scholls Ferry Road was the only difficult part of the SW Trails March hike.

We learned that a Raleigh Hills neighborhood wanted their kids to go to Lincoln HS, but that the neighborhood streets were incompatible with school buses.  The neighborhood put in a stairway to SW Canyon Drive so the kids could climb up to catch the school bus.

Rick Kappler told the SW Trails hiking group about the history of the stairs.

Rick Kappler related the history of the stairway leading up to SW Canyon Drive.

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