Work Party – May 6 – SW 25th & SW Bertha – at new steps

SW 25th and SW Bertha Clean Up – May 6 – 1pm to 4 pm
We will be having a Grand Opening Party for the steps we installed late last fall on May 12th. This work party on May 6 will work on removing blackberries, some ivy, decommissioning the old trails we no longer use and generally cleaning up the site.

Bring clippers,black berry tools, weed puller, pruning saw, other tools you think would be useful. We may be moving some of the remaining gravel to get it cleared out. We may also be moving some older ground up wood to place along the trail. Buckets will be provided.

Attire should be sturdy shoes,gloves, work cloths, and Spring layers. Also toss in some rain gear just in case. We look forward to seeing you out on this work party.

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