Seymour Court Steps November Update

The Seymour Court trail continues toward completion by year end 2018, climbing about 40 feet vertically over about 180ft of linear trail toward the Corbett freeway overpass crossing; giving access to Hamilton and Barbur above and Macadam transit and recreational access on the river below. The build team, Chuck, Ron, Lee, Cody and Dave have placed 39 of what will likely be near 50 steps in a sweeping S curve to allow for a gradual but still steep 45% grade climb.

The current roughed in condition of the steps make for better walking on this route but are still not a finished product so be cautious if you venture over.

On this project SW Trails is the design-and-build partner with The South Portland Neighborhood SPNA, which is lead project manager. It was permitted by PBOT in early November and the grant for materials was provided by SWNI’s small grants program. Construction has been underway for about 4 weeks in 3-4 hour work parties: we place about 3-4 steps a day, 3-4 days a week. The tight construction area limits us to 2-person work parties, but there may be an opportunity near the end for more volunteers to help.

Seymour Ct 11.2018 1

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