Hike #2: Terwilliger Loop

The second in our Self-Led hiking series is a beautiful loop along Terwilliger Blvd that starts and ends at the Wilson food carts (which are still open for business).  Read on for more details:

Name: Expanded Terwilliger Loop
Neighborhood: Hillsdale
Distance: 2.92 Mi
Elevation Change: 226 Ft
Start/End: Wilson HS Food Carts
Map Links: Mobile Map*    Browser Map    GPX Download

While you and all of us at SW Trails are staying home and staying safe we can still go walking for physical and mental health. SW Trails is going to send along a few walks for your consideration that allow for fairly easy social distancing (6ft required).

This scenic hike is mostly in the Hillsdale neighborhood where you will enjoy quiet side streets and parts of George Himes Park. It allows walkers to keep a suitable distance from others. Please be courteous and aware while in Himes Park as you will be on a standard forest trail. Watch for other walkers and gauge where you might stop to allow a goodly distance as you pass each other. Strollers will work if you bypass the Himes Park trails and keep along Terwilliger’s walkway.  There are some steps along the path in Himes Park, which you can choose to avoid by heading up the trail at the fork instead of heading down toward the steps.


The trail’s beginning is marked at Wilson High School/Hillsdale Food Carts, but you can jump in at any point along the way as it is a loop and you will end back where you began.

Our stroll will begin on the walking path between Wilson High and Rieke Elementary, continue east on SW Vermont/Chestnut to Terwilliger. There we will continue north on Terwilliger and enter Himes Park at SW Nebraska. We’ll then wander down the path (again, you will come to a fork, one heading down with steps, which you can take down as far as you want; you will then retrace your steps and head up the other side of the fork), then head back up at the fork in the path to Terwilliger and continue north, cross SW Capital Hwy, and walk to SW Westwood. We’ll then head back to Wilson High via SW Cheltenham, SW Pendleton, and SW Sunset.

*To follow this route, use the Explorer for ArcGIS App to follow along. Simply Download the Explorer for ArcGIS app and touch here on any mobile device. The route is highlighted on an interactive map.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #swtrails to share your very best pictures.

Happy Trails,



Elevation model for Hike #2

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