Hike #15: Smith School to Woods Park

Hike #15 takes us to the farthest reaches of SW Portland, here’s your chance to get out and learn more.

Name: Smith School to Woods Park
Distance: 3.09 miles
Elevation Change: 500 feet
Start/End Location: Smith School
Map Links: Mobile Map*  Browser Map

A moderate loop starting at Smith School, going to Dickinson Park, Ash Creek Natural Area and Woods Memorial Natural Area with interconnections on pedestrian-friendly streets.

Start at Smith School (8935 SW 52nd Ave, Portland, OR 97219) by walking south on SW 52nd to SW Orchid St. Turn right for 1 block then turn left onto SW 53rd. Go down the hill, across Ash Creek, then up a short hill where you will connect with the steps to SW Taylors Ferry Rd. Jog right for a few steps, cross Taylors Ferry and continue south on SW 53rd for one long block to SW Alfred St and turn right (west). Go to, and cross SW 55th St onto SW Alfred Court for about 100 ft and look for the Dickinson trail on the left. Take this trail through the trees to SW 57th St before turning left (south). Continue until just past SW Huddleston St, then look for the entrance to the field on the left. Follow this trail to SW 55th St which is the entrance to Ash Creek Natural Area. Follow this wooded trail uphill until it comes out at SW 52nd St. Go north on SW 52nd until it meets SW Alfred, then turn right (east) and follow that road as it overlooks I-5 and becomes SW 48th Dr, then becomes SW 48th Av going north. Cross Taylors Ferry and continue north on SW 48th, turning right on SW Brugger St. Take Brugger to SW 46th, turn right and walk a short block, then turn left on SW Collins which will turn into Wood Pkwy. Just after the last of the houses on the right, look for the South Trail entrance to Woods Natural Area on the right. Follow the ‘South Trail’  to where it intersects the ‘Woods Creek Trail’, and turn left.  Continue along the ‘Woods Creek Trail’ as it Zig Zags through the natural setting,  to the Marigold trail that takes you out to SW 45th Dr. Cross SW 45th, and turn left for about 50 feet where the Marigold trail continues on the right. Follow this trail uphill to SW Marigold St. Continue west on SW Marigold until you return to Smith School.

*To follow this route, use the Explorer for ArcGIS App to follow along. Simply Download the Explorer for ArcGIS app and touch here on any mobile device. The route is highlighted on an interactive map.

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