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SWTrails-PDX is a community group that promotes walking and biking in southwest Portland, Oregon by:

  1. Leading regular monthly hikes.
  2. Organizing volunteer work parties to build and maintain trails.
  3. Working with city, county and state planners to develop safe pedestrian routes.
  4. Advocating for safe walking/biking in southwest Portland.

In response to COVID-19, we’ve developed over 30 Self-Led Hikes for you to enjoy with your family and “pod” members.



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June 8 – 2nd Saturday Hike

June 15 – 3rd Saturday Walk


Our Sponsors:

Don Baack

Jason Bergstrom

Chris and Dianne Mays

Don and Melinda McCoy

Cynthia Chilton and Ed Abrahamson

Ramsay Weit

Clay Funkhouser

Kenneth Brown

Jack Callahan

Virginia Hendrickson

Robin and Jay Wendlandt

Michael and Holly Kazarinoff

Scott and Aloha Wyse

Nancy Murray and Bob Wise

Douglas Duno

Deb Small

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