Terwilliger and Capitol Highway

Keith Liden reports a success on the Water Bureau project at Terwilliger and Capitol Highway: Kieth and others persisted to get it right. The prior alternative was a bike lane on the street.

From: Chisek, Kyle (PDOT)
Sent: Friday, November 15, 2013 8:51 AM
To: Geller, Roger; ‘Liden, Keith S.’
Cc: Lear, Mark
Subject: RE: Terwilliger at Capitol Hwy.

Hi Keith,

We’re just finishing up design to add a concrete, separated, bike facility behind the curb as part of the Water Bureau project.

The pedestrian path will be concrete, the curb line will be pulled back, and the bike facility will have a ramp close to the corner ramp at the intersection. Roger and Mark really advocated to get this funded – so definitely hats off to them!

The current work may be some preliminary work for the Water Bureau or some finishing work for BES. Roger has followed up our permitting folks.

Thank you,

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