Talk to Mayor and PBOT about streets, bikes and pedestrians

The purpose of the Feb 27th meeting at the Multnomah Arts Center is to discuss possible new funding choices to improve our streets, pedestrian and bicycle facilities throughout Portland. The meeting at the Multnomah Arts Center in the auditorium will be from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. Mayor Hales, Commissioner Novick, PBOT Director Leah Treat and other PBOT staff will be present to seek our response to the proposed funding and to solicit our priorities.

This is an important time to make our trail improvement and other pressing pedestrian and bicycle improvement needs know to our leaders.
I urge you to attend, suggest you plan to wear your SWTrails vest if you have one, it will help them perceive our groups interest. We will review what we want to say as an organization at the meeting on the 25th.

To prepare for these meetings, SWTrails is leading trail inspection visits in the next couple of weeks.

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