SW Trails trail inspections Feb 20, 21, 22, 23, 24

SWTrails is leading trail inspection visits in the next couple of weeks. We will do a combination of travel by car and walking to see all the sites in a few visits. I have tried to group the tours by adjacent neighborhoods, but there are some exceptions.   If you cannot make the listed times and want to do a self tour, I will be happy to supply you with a marked up map showing things you may want to work on.

Here are shown by trail a starting list. Please bring added projects you think should be considered. Some segments serve more than one trail; I have referenced the overlaps, or tried to do so. At the bottom of this note, I have listed those projects that are in the Barbur Corridor, a related but separate discussion issue.

All trips will start from home of Don Baack, 6495 SW Burlingame Place. Each is estimated to last for 2 hours. Please call 503-246-2088 if you need more information. It would be helpful if you could email me of your intent to be on one or more tours. I am hoping to have our family car available, but that could change. As we complete each tour, we will write up our views of what needs to be done to improve our trail system and access to transit.

Feb 20 10am to 12am –Area of Interest 4T, Trail 7, Trail 1, Trail 6, Red Electric Trail portions located in SWHRL, Homestead, South Portland, Bridlemile, and North Hillsdale.
Feb 21 1pm to 3 pm   Areas of Interest: Red Electric Trail east, Trail 6, Trail 3, and access to transit routes in Hillsdale SW 13th and SW Capitol Hill Road area. These routes are located in Hillsdale, Multnomah, South Portland.
Feb 22 9am to 11 am Areas of Interest: Trail 6 from Barbur South to Tryon Creek State Park, Trail 5 from River to Barbur Transit Center, access to Barbur transit from Taylors Ferry Road to Barbur, other routes. Trail 4 improvements along entire length. These are located in Collins View, South Burlingame, Multnomah, Markham, Marshall Park, and Arnold Creek.
Feb 23 noon to 2 pm Areas of Interest: Trail 7 from Dosch at Bridlemile Lane to Barbur, Red Electric west of Hillsdale, Trail 3 from Capitol Highway west, Trail 5 from Barbur Transit Center west to county line.  Bridlemile, Multnomah, Hayhurst, Maplewood, Crestwood, Ash Creek,
Feb 24 9am to 11 am Areas of Interest: Trail 7 from Barbur south to Lake Oswego, alternate Trail 5 bridge site, access to transit north to Barbur. Other sites as participants’ desire. Far Southwest, West Portland Park, Ash Creek.

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