Plan for improvements on Trail 1 and 4T between Terwilliger and South Waterfront

We have received word that the proposed 2015-16 budget will include funds for the new Hawk crossing of SW Naito at SW Whitaker (Trail 1 and 4T), this means a pedestrian and bicycle rider activated flashing stop signal to make crossing of this major speedway much safer.

We have been working for over 15 years for this signalized crossing. Once it is completed, we can reinstall our trail 1 signage from the east end of the Hooley Pedestrian Bridge to west of Barbur.

SWTrails has also joined another coalition, with South Portland, Homestead, Friends of Terwilliger asking that the (Trail 1 and 4T) route between Barbur and Terwilliger be improved. This $200,000 maintenance project will provide lighting, handrails, new steps and new working stormwater facilities. We hope to have good news on this maintenance project in the near future.

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