Stair climbers in Portland Heights

The May SW Trails Urban Hike went down and up and down and up and down and up in Portland Heights.  Some walkers climbed more than 500 steps going up 4 stairways.

The route is shown below and there is also a PDF version available.

SWTrails Walk May 14-2016

SW Trails walk May 2016 went down from Portland Heights to Goose Hollow and back up again. You can zoom in to see street names.

Window in chimney

Window in the chimney of a house on SW Montgomery at SW Carter.

College Street Stairs map

Stairs from SW College to SW College – about 60 steps. Dotted line is the alternative route without stairs.

Broadway stairs map

About 200 steps up from SW Broadway to SW Elevator. Dotted line is alternative without stairs.

Stairway up from Broadway 2

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