House bought because of SW Trails

Being able to walk safely to our synagogue was a must for us when buying our house. The immediate neighborhood where we now live was off limits per that criteria according to our realtor. But we had a copy of the SW Trails Map after going to some SWTrail meetings and hikes. We saw a trail via SW 25 Ave from SW Capitol HWy and its extension trails adjacent to the MJCC and behind Grey Middle School to SW Boundary. So we told our realtor that we wanted to see the house we are now in on SW Mitchell Ct. We saw the house on a late afternoon and said that we would try the trail on the map and we would make an offer the next morning if it proved to be a reasonable walk to Hoot Owl Corner (location of Congregation Kesser Israel). And so we have enjoyed our house for the last 9 years or so.
We had been looking for a house for about 3 years and never found one suitable to our needs in the right location. Muchos Gracias to SW Trails.
,כל טוב (Best Wishes)
צבי (TSvi) and נאוה (Navah)
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