Work Party SW 25th & SW Bertha Sun 29th 1-5

You can park along Bertha. As you may have read in the Connection, SWTrails has received funding to pay for the materials to build steps for a Safe Route to School from SW Bertha to Beaverton Hillsdale Highway along SW 25th. SWTrails volunteers will do the work of getting it done. The first step in the process is to clear the organic material from the route. We will work to remove blackberries, ivy and install 4 segments of silt fence to protect the Fanno Creek waterway.

Wear sturdy shoes as some of the slopes are very steep, good gloves, long sleeve shirt, hand clippers, loppers and anything else you would use to grub out blackberries and ivy. Be sure to put your name on all your tools and water bottle.

We will bring some tools as well. Be sure to sign in at the sign in table.

Lets have a good time, we have waited a long long time to get started on this important connection.

See you on Sunday!

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