Online Mapping Tool for Southwest Walking and Biking Needs

The PBOT Southwest In Motion team wants your feedback and ideas!


Click to access Walking Needs map and add your ideas about what is needed to make walking better in SW Portland.

Use the online mapping tool to share what you need to make walking and biking safer and more useful to you in the short term. The input generated through this map will help the project team better understand community priorities, learn about needs of specific projects, and identify any new potential projects to include in the plan.

For more information on biking needs map and stakeholder working group meeting go to the PBOT Southwest In Motion page.

SW Trails Advocate Don Baack says:

I think we need to get a message out to our list with the following objectives:

1. Tell folks this is the place to put the many trail routes our neighborhoods have been discussing for more than a year.
2. It is the place to identify any alternative route for our SW Urban Trails. We need to figure how to properly identify these changes so they become visible on the maps and to staff.
3. Changes to the comp plan major trail routes that make sense in our community, not some staff creation that is ridiculous from walkers’ perspective.
4. Identify the routes we want the Greenways to follow, following the Bike Plan for SW which we helped create.
5. Urge our folks to be involved in supporting the projects we have been supporting for years:
-Red Electric Trail in its entirety from Washington County to Holley Bridge using Slavin Road Route.
-Safe continuous bicycle routes on Terwilliger, Barbur, Dosch, Marquam Hill Rd.
-Secure reliable annual funding of Volunteer trails for the Designated Urban Trails as well as the many neighborhood connections.

Others may have more or different ideas of the things we should encourage our supporters to engage in this effort.


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