The ninth hike in our self-led hike series is a step away from the normal as you pass through a natural area, a cemetery and the South Portland neighborhood. Read more below:

Name: Riverview Natural Area to Sunstone Montessori School
Neighborhood: Collins View, South Portland
Distance: 5.1 Mi
Rating: Hard
Elevation Change: 450 Ft
Start/End: SW Brugger Street / SW View Point Terrace
Map Links:   Interactive Map  

This walk is 5.1 miles in length with a 450 feet elevation change. The route takes you through Riverview Cemetery, up to SW Corbett Ave with nice views east towards the Cascade Mountains, then down to the Willamette River and south along the river for a final climb back through Riverview Natural Area to the starting point.

Interactive Map Directions:

  • Touch the “Interactive Map” link at the top of this page to launch a web-based version of the route map from your mobile browser (i.e. chrome, or safari).
  • Touch the locate me button in the top-left corner of your display to activate a ‘blue dot’ showing your current location
  • Your blue dot will now follow the highlighted route from your mobile device!
  • Note, you may have to grant permission to allow the application to access location services.

Step-by-step Directions:
Starting at Brugger Street head north on View Point Terrace, through River View Cemetery to the main cemetery entrance on Taylors Ferry Road.  If you care to take the time, there are some notable historical figures interred at River View Cemetery.  Located in lot 18, space 1 is Virgil Earp – Brother of Wyatt Earp.  He died in Goldfield Nevada, on October 19, 1905. Virgil Earp was the famous chief of police in Tombstone, Arizona. One of the famous Earp brothers of western frontier fame, Virgil’s life reads like a novel of stirring times on the plains which furnished unlimited inspiration for stories of cowboy days. He  is buried at River View Cemetery because his daughter, Mrs. Janie Law lived in Portland at the time of his death. Virgil Earp is just one of the many historical figures. Please visit the office for a list of walking tours available.

Upon leaving the cemetery, cross Taylors Ferry road carefully and walk down to Fulton Park Boulevard which you walk up to Corbett Avenue. Follow Corbett Avenue north until you intersect Trail 3 at Carolina Street. Follow the Trail 3 signs east and south to Willamette Park. Then follow asphalted Park trails south along the Willamette River to a point approximately 650 feet north of the Sellwood Bridge where a gravel path splits off the asphalted main path and runs closer to the river; take this gravel path under the Sellwood Bridge, through Powers Marine Park. Please be advised that as of July, 2020, SWTrails have been informed there are homeless camps in Powers Marine Park.

The trail leaves the Park at a point and jogs up to the trolley trestle that you follow for a few hundred feet to a point where a short, steep trail leads up to Macadam Ave (Hwy 43). You now need to find the trailhead on the west side of Macadam Ave that allow you to enter Riverview Natural Area. Look for a short stretch of guardrail on the west side of Macadam Ave. The trailhead is at the north end of the guard rail and does have signs and posts that can be seen from Macadam Ave. When you have found the trailhead, cross Macadam Avenue carefully, and return via local, marked trail 6 in Riverview Natural Area to Brugger Street.

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