We need your letters of support for the long delayed project to construct a safer route to school for students living south of Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway including many from the Crossing at Stephens Creek.

SWTrails needs letters/emails from individuals and organizations sent as soon as possible to Commissioner Saltzman, Dan.Saltzman@portlandoregon.gov, to get the final small bit of funding necessary for SWTrails volunteers to build the steps to connect SW Bertha to SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway along SW 25th.  We want to have the trail completed by start of school fall 2017.  

We have approximately $8500 appropriated by the City Council in 2013 but need a total of $$21,310. The specific ask is for the $12,810 that is missing.

We need these funds in the next couple of weeks so we can begin work while the soil is workable! We need the go-ahead now, before the ground turns to rock over the summer. I think that, with your letters in the next few days, we can shake loose the funds to do the job.

Several people have fallen on this present very steep trail and been injured. To make this route safe, we will  build steps with handrails on both sides. The handrails are needed because the steps will be steep.

Talking points for your letter. These steps will provide:

– Safer route to school for neighborhood children including a large number from Stephens Creek Crossing. Note there is an existing pedestrian signal at SW 25th to safely cross Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway.

-Key route for access to transit for those living in the area. For those seeking to travel west on transit Crossing with the pedestrian signal is imperative as Crossing Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway at Bertha is a suicide mission.

-Key route for people seeking to use Hillsdale Park, especially those seeking to use the dog off leash area.

Please express your personal experience with using the trail or your observations of those who have used it.

It would be great if some children could write letters in support of this as well. Pass this request on to anyone else who can join the letter chorus.

Don Baack on behalf of SWTRAILS

Call if you have questions 503-246-2088



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