Hike #20: Garden Home to Fanno Creek


Name:  Garden Home to Fanno Creek
Neighborhood: Portland Heights
Distance:  5.21 miles
Elevation Change: 127 ft
Start/End Location: Garden Home Shopping Center
Map Links:  Mobile* Browser

A moderately long and flat walk starting at Garden Home Shopping center that  follows Fanno Creek trail to hwy 217, then snakes back through several natural areas scattered throughout the Tualatin mountain foothills.

This route begins from the parking lot of the shopping center on the corner of SW Garden Home and SW Oleson Rd (Shari’s Restaurant is on the corner).  Head north on Oleson for about ½ block and cross at the pedestrian crossing (going west) to the stairs leading to Fanno Creek Regional trail.  You will follow the trail for about 2.5 mi westward.  As you head west on Fanno Creek Trail stay on the main trail as it twists and turns through quiet neighborhoods and alongside the Portland Golf Club. There are entry trails leading out to streets, and other parks; the main path will be our route for this hike.

As you reach SW 92nd jog right for 20 feet to the crosswalk.  Cross 92nd and continue west on the sidewalk on Allen Blvd past the Burgerville.  At the Allen Blvd and Scholls intersection, cross two crosswalks (Allen and Scholls) to the SW Corner and  proceed to the left to continue on the Fanno Creek Greenway.  Follow this for approx. ½ mile; use the bridge to cross the wetlands, and exit onto SW 105th.  Go south on 105th and cross SW Denney Rd, continuing on into Camille Park at the end of the street. You can take several routes through the park, but this one takes you to the south and west side and go around to the park entrance/exit on SW Marjorie Lane.

Continue east to SW Scholls Ferry Rd; cross the street and turn left. Continue until you reach the u-shaped drive leading to the north side of the Harmon Swim Center. Head around the north side of the building and, at the back, there is a little paved path by the play structure.  Turn right onto this path  and follow it past the play structure and community garden, then out onto SW Garden Home Rd. Cross very carefully onto the north side path at SW 92nd to continue west on Garden Home Rd to SW 84th; go right (south) carefully crossing Garden Home Rd, and after three blocks take a bark path left at SW Crystal St into Garden Home Park.  Continue in the most easterly direction on the little paths leading into the park and exit onto SW Skyhar Dr. Turn right to reach SW Oleson Rd., then left for 1 block to SW Stewart St. Continue for 2 blocks to SW 74th.  Turn left for 3 blocks to reach Garden Home Rd; cross and finish your walk into the shopping center parking lot where you began.

*To follow this route, use the Explorer for ArcGIS App to follow along. Simply Download the Explorer for ArcGIS app and touch here on any mobile device. The route is highlighted on an interactive map.

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