Proposed changes to Established SWTrails Routes


SWTrails is working the city transportation department to adopt new routes as permanent changes during the PedPDX* implementation period.  The map below shows approximate locations of the proposed changes.  Click the links below for detailed maps and explanation.

*Portland’s Citywide Pedestrian Plan = Ped PDX


Route Change #1: Trail 3, Willamette Park

Route Change #2: Trail 6, Raz-Baack Crossing

Route Change #3: Trail 3, SW Nevada Ct

Route Change #4: Trail 3, Gabriel Park

Route Change #5: Trail 3, April Hill Park to Hideaway Park

Route Change #6: Trail 5, SW 64th Dr

Route Change #7: Trail 5, Lewis & Clark College

Route Change #8: 4T& Trail 7, Washington Park

Route Change #9: Trail 5 extension into Tigard

PedPDX Mission:

“Through PedPDX, the City of Portland affirms walking as a fundamental human right and the most fundamental means of transportation. PedPDX ensures walking is a safe, accessible, and attractive experience for everyone in Portland by putting pedestrians at the forefront of City policy, investments, and design.”